Here's the DRAG ATTACK tour schedule as of 7/15/99, astericked dates 
mean they are pretty definite, others have promoters but no venue, 
and question marks indicate a need. 

We especially need: 

Chicago, Columbus, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, 
somewhere in Conneticut, Tucson, SF/Bay Area 

Washington DC, Baltimore, Conneticut 

If you have anything that might help us with that, please let us know. 
This is the list as of today, there will be another draft before we leave. 

Thanks for your support, 
DRAG ATTACK summer 1999 tour schedule 

*July 16 - Olympia, Wa @ Midnight Sun, Yo-Yo-A-Go-Go event, all ages, show: 8pm 
*July 17 - Bellingham, Wa @ The Showoff Gallery 
*July 18 - Vancouver, BC @ La Quena, doors open at 7:30 
*July 19 - Moscow, Id @ John's Alley, 21+ 
*July 20 - driving 
*July 21 - Bismark, Nd @ a party 
*July 22 - "Fresh Fruit" queer radio show in Minneapolis, 7:30-8:30pm 
*July 23 - Minneapolis, Mn @ District 202, 21 and under, 9pm 
*July 24 - Milwaukee, Wi @ Canada World, all ages 
*July 25 - Chicago, Il @ Odum Performance Hall, doors:8pm, show:9pm, 
   aa, somewhat w.c.a. (couple of stairs) 
July 26 - Detroit, Mi @ Trumbull Plex 
*July 27 - Columbus, Oh @ Summit Station, 21+ 
*July 28 - driving 
*July 29 - driving 
*July 30 - Memphis, Tn @ The Southern Girls Convention Drag Show 
*July 31- Southern Girls Convention, workshops 

*August 1 - off @ Southern Girls Convention 
*August 2 - Asheville, Nc @ Hairspray (bar) 
August 3 - Baltimore, Md or Washington, DC 
August 4 - Washington, DC or Philadelphia, Pa 
August 5 - NYC, Ny @ Crazy Nanny's Drag Net, 21+ 
August 6 - ??? 
*August 7 - Brooklyn, Ny @ Dumba Gardens 
August 8 - off 
August 9 - Conneticut? 
August 10 - Providence, Ri @ Fort Thunder 
*August 11 - off 
*August 12 - Jamaica Plains, Ma @ The Midway Cafe, 21+, $5 
*August 13 - Worcester, Ma @ The Space 
*August 14 - driving 
August 15 - Toronto, ON @ Pope Jone's, 19+ 
August 16 - Pittsburgh, Pa @ The Sip?, a/a  - 
according to a message at chainsaw, The Pittsburgh show is at the stevenson theatre -- in the basement of the art supplies store on highland ave. in east liberty. the way i know how to get there is (from oakland) go on fifth toward shadyside, make a left onto highland and follow it through shadyside to east liberty the art supply store is on the right and it's pretty big.
August 17- driving 
*August 18 - Atlanta, Ga @ The 513, a/a show w/ Pagan Holiday 
August 19 - off/driving 
*August 20 - New Orleans @ Lucky Cheng's (bar), 720 St. Louis st, 9 pm, $6, $5 in drag.
*August 21 - Austin @ Rutamaya 
August 22 - driving 
*August 23 - Sante Fe @ Dana's After Dark, a/a 
August 24 - Tucson, Az 
*August 25 - North Hollywood, Ca @ Acapella Cafe, a/a, 10:30 pm, 5907 
   Lankershim Blvd. (818) 509-6738 
August 26 - San Francisco, Ca (Stud cancelled - sorry, no San Francisco show.)
August 27 
*August 28 - Arcata, Ca @ The Placebo 
*August 29 - Portland, Or @ Itisness, a/a, wca, show: 9pm 


You may be friends of ours or you may be someone we don't know yet, but me (Hellery Homosex) and my counterparts Count Fagula (Elsbeth Perry) and Reno (Hannah Durham) are touring the country this summer and we wanted to tell you about it.

Why are we touring the country?

Three reasons:
1.) We're making a movie about drag.
2.) We want to do live drag/experimental gender performance.
3.) We want you to perform with us!

Our movie will only be partially completed by the time we hit the road, so we will be showing it as a work in progress. The rest of our footage will be shot on the road, including the shows we see and the people we meet. In the completed project we hope to include:

- discussion of different kinds of drag. In particular, traditional drag which emphasizes "passing" as a "real" man or woman and sometimes includes formal competition, with a freakier sort of drag that emphasizes experimentation, personal expression, and breaking down of the concept of gender.
- footage of non-traditional drag performances happening around the Pacific NW and the rest of the country.
- interviews with people who do drag, whether they are drag performers or incorporate drag into their daily life or both.
- discussion on the relationship between gender and drag, sexuality and drag, tranny, dyke, boy, fag, girl, queer, queen, and king drag and what it all means.
- people doing drag while carrying on their daily activities. Asking the question: "If I do it all the time is it really drag at all, or is it just who I am?"

We will also be doing drag wherever we go and very much want local people to perform with us. We can be:
- an add-on to a drag show that's already happening
- an evening of drag, video, and discussion of our own.
- half of a show, or an opening act for local performers of all kinds.

WHO are we again?

We are three queer drag kings (and sometimes drag queens and other things) who live in Olympia, WA and love drag in the broadest definition of the word. We love dressing up in glamorous costumes, doing skits, singing songs, strutting on stage, sex on stage, breaking down stereotypes about body size, ability, gender roles and sexuality. We want to encourage unity between dykes, trannyies, fags, queens, kings, and everything else. We want to have fun doing drag, experiment with gender and sexuality, make friends, encourage others to do drag onstage and off, support each other's artistic expression and personal exploration.

WHEN are we going?

Mid-July through late August (approximately). If you know of an event we should be a part of during this time please let us know about it.

HOW can you help us?

We want you to book us a show in your town! Especially if you appreciate this idea and think you can round up other folks who will too. We are really interested in:

1.) local people to perform with us, either first time drag performers or those with lots of experience, anything. 2.) inclusive performance space. That means completely tranny, S/M, disabled, fat, man, woman, bi, queer, youth, multicultural positive and accessible.
3.) All-ages venues. If your venue is not all ages, can you tell us about one that is? Maybe we could do a show at both places.
4.) Money?...We don't have any! All expenses for our tour and video project are coming out of our own pockets. We need to get paid or the tour isn't going to make it very far. Let us know how much you may or may not be able to pay us. We want to come even if you can't promise much, but please let us know.
5.) We will also need a place to stay after the show. Can you let us know of a house we could sleep/bathe at?

HOW can we help you?

If you've never put on a drag show but really want to, tell us and we will send our tips for organizing a D.I.Y.-style drag show.

HOW can you get in touch with us?

To book us a show, let us know about an event, or give us a tip on where to travel, contact Reno SOON at: