"Queen Be"

That is the title Drew Blood gave to his last chapbook. It never got published. We lost him on the 2nd of June '98. In Memory, I promised him I would put together a web page to immortalize him and make his poetry books available always. You can hear him read his poem Mohawk Redemption on the Germs tribute CD Circle of Friends. He will be seen in the movie "El Mano," when it is released, playing the part he knew so well, a raving street poet gay boy with AIDS & a heart of gold.

I met Drew years ago when I was doing reviews and art for "Ear of Corn," a zine rum by Dave Schall of Sockeye, Volkswhale, Kill the Hippies, etc., a lone line of some of my favorite music. Dave wrote telling me he'd found a book on the Germs available in Factsheet 5 and had written and become pen pals and Drew got me back in touch with my long lost scene brother, Donnie Rose. He was Darby's boyfriend when I was living with them in Darby's bedroom at his mom's house. Donny plays piano on the track "Shutdown."

I hadn't seen Donny since Geza X's Halloween party in 1980, where I happened to see Darby and all my friends for the last time, as I had taken another sort of road.

Drew turned out to be one of the very rarest of individuals, sending tons of stuff, coming to visit me, passing letters between me and Billy when I went to Soledad. Drew inspired me to try my hand at poetry too. I never would have otherwise. He ended up publishing a chap I did on X-Ray Spex, and my poetry chap, Frankie's Boots, along with tons of art I did for his chaps, the cover of one making it to a t-shirt. His DBPL ran for years, bringing a world of underground poets to the surface. He was a devoted friend to never be forgotten.

A big hearted person, Drew Blood. A kind and caring individual who bent over backwards to help a friend in need, putting them before himself. He searched in all areas for love and acceptance and I believe he found towards the end that love can be found within when not without. His path had many twists and turns in it.

He was constantly running into large boulders on that path that he could barely make it around. This was a path also of sharing. It is through Drew that I made friends with Larry-bob and my mate in England, Al Slammer. If you know either of them, you can know a bit of Drew, as they are comparable people of worth. People rarely show the love and caring that he did.

Sometimes his love took him too far, as in the cases of two boys he fell in love with, Chris and Randy, who could not return that love, bringing Drew some of his many experienced pains. It seems everything Drew felt was felt more intensely by him than a lot of people, somewhat like the sun to an insect beneath a magnifying glass. I'm thankful I was able to do things for him too. He was calling himself the Lobster Queen.

The weird thing is that every time I see Brad Pitt, I think of Drew. Drew was in love with Brad. Drew masturbated and came on his Ken doll's swimming trunks, Ken being the ideal no bullshit lover he needed.

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