Radical Faeries
Mister Jaques Beauty Salon Sign Although I'm usually a very reserved person, as anyone who's ever met me will know is totally true, a year ago I took a big risk which has totally changed my life forever and ever. After going to hear a talk by Harry Hay, one of the founders of the Matachine Society, a gay rights group from the 1950's, and his lover, John Burnside, who together with Harry called the first gathering of radical faeries ten years ago, I decided to pack up and go to the faerie gathering they were instate to attend. I arrived at the faerie camp in northern Wisconsin to discover half a hundred faerie men sitting in a circle. I joined the circle and heard each person speak as a faerie talisman passed from hand to hand. When everyone had spoken, the circle closed in, all of us chanting, moved by the faerie spirit. The rest of the weekend I romped in the spendor of nature. Of course not everything is hope and light at a gathering. And things are anything but serious-- being a faerie is about learning to have fun. I just have to use this high-flown language to explain just how wonderful it all is. It's like coming home, when you've never been there before.

some Radical Faeries circling

a Radical Faerie This summer the second Northwoods gathering happened, and I attended once again. Here's a few pictures. There are faerie gatherings all over the country. RFD, a magazine published at the faerie sanctuary at Short Mountain lists upcoming gatherings.

From Holy Titclamps #2
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