Fugazi--Margin Walker--Dischord

Nowhere near as good as the 1st EP, but still worth your while. Their targets aren't as tightly focused as last time--nothing like the urgency of "Give Me The Cure," the preveous record's plea from the point of view of a person with AIDS. A live show is not to be missed.

The Frogs--It's Only Right and Natural--Homestead

Every review I've seen could be summed up, "It's bad. Don't buy it." I'd have to concur. Not even funny, just stupid.

Texas Toast--Texas Toast--Voluminous Wag Records

Unique dual-cassette packaging. Male & female vocals that I'm not going to compare to John & Exene. Their "Ode to TVBC" kicks ass all over Sci-Fi Westen's take on the same subject. And as a bonus, you may pick up some tips on finance from the Royal Society of Lichtenstein. [members of this band are in Mickey Finn as of 1995]

Jesus Lizard--Pure--Touch & Go

Five songs from a band that ought to sound like Scratch Acid and ends up like Rapeman. If David Yow wants to put a blockbuster up someone's ass, maybe he should look closer to home. I love the music, but lyrically the grunge genre needs some ideas besides this macho phobia of everything--I don't care if it's real or fake.

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