In Memory of Charl Channell

picture of Charl Channell

Carl (Spitz) Channell died May 7, 1990 in Washington, D.C. The 44 year old ultrarightwing homosexual was the first found guilty in the Iran Contra case. Working with an insane felon Col. North, on Reagan's orders, Channell used a phony tax-exempt foundation to raise millions for the terrorist Contra army. In his career in conservative circles, Spitz, as he was known, worked for one group organized to fight against "the growing homosexual menace." Spitz was a real fascist fag, one of the queens of the Reagan crowd. He got hard thinking of all those commies, Nicaraguan campesinos tortured and killed by the Contras. His cock saluted as he thought of his "freedom fighters" raping commie women in the bloody mud, slashing their breasts off with new bayonets. Spitz enjoyed tasteful parties with pretty callboys on the prissy scene but his sexual fantasies were brutal Rambo military school. He dreamed Ollie North let him suck the big missile and he fucked him with a loaded M-15, he licked the gun barrel.
By Andy Baird
From Holy Titclamps #5
Copyright ©1990, 1995 Andy Baird
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