Rob & Theo.
Theo's in an heirloom dress. Radical Robb's sporting a casual outfit of all-natural fibers. Love the horns!
Burly's sporting a Carmen Miranda 'do, matching beads, and a frilly skirt. Footwear by Imelda.

Fae Pride!

Hi, my name is Hyram Buttswanger. I'm from the Minneapolis Gay Assimilation Group. Just look at these phos we snapped at this year's gay pride festival. You know, Gay Pride is for Straightpeople, so those of us unfortunate enough to have turned out gay can show them that we're exactly like they are. We're dull, really, and all want to buy houses in the suburbs. But then there's these radical færies, they call themselves. All dressed up. And no, they don't look like guys at a sports bar. Where did they get the idea there was something fun about being gay?

By Larry-bob
From Holy Titclamps #5
Copyright ©1990, 1995 Larry Roberts
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