James told me that he saw Joe at the 90s bar on Saturday and Joe was drunk, all messed up. That guy has a crazy grin, twinkling eyes, and a nervous laugh. Joe is kinda a hustler always looking to get over on somebody, always looking for cocaine. He's real schizoid, his mood swings superfast and changes from giggles to anger to giggles in seconds like a strobe-light. It doesn't take long to figure out he is totally nuts. Joe is from Iowa, he has a big ugly scar on his chest and his back from when he was shot. The bullet went right through him, he's lucky to be alive, he healed up and split Iowa. He says that he stays with his uncle on the southside. He says he had a lover in Iowa that owned a bar and would give him lots of money, drugs, and clothes. Life isn't that great here, but Joe says he is going to buy a big car when he gets this check that is coming and then he's going to California, to Hollywood and he is never coming back here.

From Holy Titclamps #5
Copyright ©1990, 1995
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