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Y'know, it's hard to find music specifically of interest to the "modern" queer person. Maybe the following offerings will be of help. See also: The Nancy Sinatras and JDs Homo Hits tapes.

Two Nice Girls -- Like a Version

This, the Two Nice Girls' 2nd record, is sort of like their version of Metallica's Garage Days Re-Revisited. Well, actually about all that's in common is that it's an EP of covers. There's the amazing "I Feel (Like Makin') Love," a hybrid of "I Feel Love" and "Feel Like Makin' Love," the Speed Racer theme, Sonic Youth's "Cotton Crown," and their own classic, "I Spent My Last $10 on Birth Control & Berr" and two other covers. Two Nice Girls are four dykes from Austin Teaxs. I saw 'em in San Francsico. Maybe you can see 'em tour this summer -- they're playing at the Michigan Women's Music festival, but I can't go 'cause I've got a dick.

Kitchens of Distinction -- Love Is Hell LP, Quick as Rainbows EP -- One Little Indian Records.

After hearing tangentially about these folks for a while, I read the Advocate interview with the lead singer, who is, as they say, openly gay. That clinched it for me, and I finally bought Love is Hell. They have two or three other 12 inch EPs, but I got Quick as Rainbows because it has a complete lyric sheet. I hoped that the "openly gay" lyrics I'd heard about would become more evident. But yeah, it's all pretty poetically disguied, Sure, there's rage in "Prize," but you have to listen several times to know what it's all about. Most people would characterize Kitchens of Distinction as The Smiths plus (friendly) noise. Kind of mid-early Cocteau Twins noise. Which I guess might turn your crank. My favorite cut is the cranky funk of "Mainly Mornings." Actually, I like this a fair ammount, despite my bitching.

The Breeders -- Pod

TK: The Breederz were a Dayton group, but they broke up when you moved? An accoustic duo, I guess it was?
KM: The biography people got it confused. We didn't play under the name Breederz; we just went under Kim and Kelly. We played old blues songs.
TK: She's your twin sister?
KM: Yes. I just thought Breederz was cool. it's a derogatory term homosexuals use to describe heterosexuals. "Oh, they're breeders." So I thought if I ever had a band, I'd call it The Breederz.
-- from The Offense Newsletter, February 1989, Pixies interview -- excerpt is an exchange between Kim (Murphy) Deal and Tim of the Offense.

So when I saw this on the shelf, I grabbed it instanly knowing who is was. But I still don't know what it is. It's kind of like if the Pixies consciously avoided their three-notes- in-a-four-beat-rhythm kinda thing. Like a whole album of "Silver," the hardest-to-grasp song on "Doolittle." The Breeders are Kim Deal of the Pixies, Tanya Donnelly of the Throwing Muses, Josephine Wiggs of the Perfect Disaster, and a drummer named Shannon who is rumored to be male. Best new band name of 1990, and one of the hardest-to-pin-down pop records as well.

Go! -- (2 EPs)

O.K., here's what I know, courtesy of Pat of Coon Rapids. He says, "Anyways, if you are thinking of reviewing more music I've got a suggestion. Go! It's a New York Hardcore type band with lyrics (at least one song anyways) pertaining to Homo-ness (or at least protection of.) I'm not the expert at music reviews, but they sound thrashy, you know, the N.Y.H.C. type. They got this cool song called "Holy Rollers" and it rags on H.R. of Bad Brains." (who are known homophobes.) They have two 7" EPs -- it's the first EP that Pat's talking about -- I've heard nothing about the second. They're currently touring, and will play the Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis July 20th.
[See Go! interview and sound sample in Holy Titclamps #6]

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