is it a road trip if you take a plane?
Since the time the last issue of Holy Titclamps was published (March 1990, in case you were wondering), Larry-Bob has traveled a bit. And it's been a while (since the second issue, to be exact) since there was a travel feature. So it's that time again. This round I won't be so preachy as I was before. I'll just give a point-by-point account of what I did, and leave it to you, gentle reader, to draw conclusions. Oh, and if anyone else has stirred from the couch and seen the world, why doncha write about it so I don't have to.

San Francisco
This was Larry-Bob and Nick's joint venture to the West Coast. The excuse was Out/Write 90, the gay/lesbian writers' conference. At the conference, we met all sorts of famous people and listened to lots of talking. The highlight of the conference for me was the Queer Alternatives panel. This was the queer underground zine session, and lots of zinesters were there. I had the hot-off-the-press Holy Titclamps to give away.

The rest of the time, we visited friends, browsed in bookstores, saw the Mappelthorpe exhibit in Berkeley, went to queer clubs like Club Uranus and Klubstitute, and helped Tom Jennings with the Homocore mail. We didn't visit Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street, or the Coit Tower, and on the one cable car we did ride, we didn't pay. Why do something millions of others have already done?

This trip to Toronto I spent hanging out with G.B. Jones and Bruce La Bruce, publishers of JDs. I saw clips from Bruce's new movie, browsed their zine collections, and slept on G.B. Jones' couch. I met lots of other cool folks too.

Nancy Sinatras poster With G.B. Jones, I saw the Nancy Sinatras, five dykes in sixties clothes and wigs, cranking out covers of the best of sixties girl-pop. I bought their latest tape, and you can too. [no longer available]

My suggestion is to contact folks in the town you plan to visit. They'll know the current hot spots and show you a good time, like the folks from JDs did for me.
Nick & Larry-bob Nick and Larry-bob (left to right) on a bench somewhere in California.

From Holy Titclamps #5
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