These guys were in my high school homeroom and god knows where they might be today. Lyle Nelson was handsome, quiet, and kept to himself. He had a big dick and strong broad shoulders. Joe Wojtowicz, a misfit like myself, was a friend. We both had long hippie hair cuts and smoked grass. Joe was lowlife but he was real cool and his sweet cock was uncut. The last time I heard he was working at the post office out in White Bear.

Jim Bendetti had black hair and was short. His dad owned a dive bar. What a dipshit asshole, he would yell 'faggot' at me when he was with his jerk friends. Dave Graham played sports and his body was really beautiful like a Greek statue. I had a huge crush on him. I would sit and just stare at him and dream I was licking his perfect balls. He never noticed me.

From Holy Titclamps #6
Copyright ©1990, 1995 Andy Baird
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