I was typing up stuff for this new issue last week at my old college. I realized how much holy titclamps, or any punk rock queer zine would have blown my mind just a few short years ago. I always wished for something a little hipper than the Advocate (remember, that was pre-Outweek). It made me look at holy titclamps in a new way; I tried to see it as an outsider would. I pulled out the back issues, and tried to pretend I was seeing them for the first time. Kind of a slim, crookedly pasted-up pamphlet. Certainly not the actualization of the dream of queer anarchy, but something which revealed glimmers of such a utopia. Yeah, I'm not totally satisfied, but that doesn't mean I'm quitting any time soon -- just trying harder. So once again, if yu can offer that drawing or story that's going to broaden that vision of a new and different world, send it here, and we'll use it to open the window a little wider.


From Holy Titclamps #6
Copyright ©1990, 1995 Larry Roberts
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