This Week's Installment of Travels with Larry-bob

Circumstances lead me to visit the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Of course, while in the vicinity, I had the honor of visiting Vaginal Creme Davis, famous blacktress and editor of The Fertile Latoyah Jackson Magazine. My visit was unfortunately brief, but filled with excitement.

Friday night I arrived at the Davis mansion. We dined at a nearby restaurant, and proceeded to visit several local nightspots. Saturday was spent in a frenzy of shopping, with a break for a Cuban-style lunch. Saturday night there was an Act-Up L.A. benefit thrown by Sit and Spin, a popular L.A. club, and hosted by Vaginal Creme Davis herself. Vag announced each act in a different fabulous costume. Several outrageous queer performance artists did their thing. The night climaxed with a dance populated by a thousand fabulous queers.

I met many wonderful people on my visit to Los Angeles, and I extend my deepest thanks to Ms. Davis for being a most gracious host.

Vaginal Davis Guys in pantyhose

Vaginal Davis and her pantyhose-encased dancers in their dressing room.
From Holy Titclamps #6
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