Travels with Larry-bob and Nick: New York City

Larry-bob and Nick visited New York at the beginning of September. The excuse for the trip was to be at Wigstock '90. Yes, Wigstock, that fabulous festival of drag, shoes, and most importantly, hair. Thousands crowded Tompkins Square Park in the East Village for hours of performance by notables such as Tabboo!, Lahoma van Zandt, Ru-Paul, Lypsinka -- oh, and so many more -- and hosted by the Lady Bunny. And of course, not to forget Deee-Lite, that band of the hour, who really captured the energy of Wigtock and sent it back out in a sonic wave.

A couple days later, we had breakfast with Quentin Crisp. For about two hours, we conversed with Mr. Crisp over breakfast at a coffee shop near his home. He is exactly as one imagines -- vivacious, with floppy hat, purple hair, umbrella -- and after more than eight decades on the planet, holder of much articulate wisdom.

The rest of the trip, we wandered the streets of New York, shopped, looked for rats, at fantastic pizza, went out for coffee with various folks, rode the subway, went to the MoMA, and all those other things ya can't do in the midwest. Many thanks to our several hosts in New York City, without whom our trip would have been impossible.

Quentin Crisp with Larry-bob Quentin Crisp with Larry-bob
Wigstock stage The Stage of Wigstock '90.

From Holy Titclamps #6
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