Queer Zine Explosion 17

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This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #17, compiled in August 1999. Some of these reviews also appeared in issues of Factsheet Five. This is a version of this file that just has new zines since QZE #16, which was published in November 1998.

For stuff even newer than this list, see what I've gotten in the mail lately at Larry-bob's Mailbox.

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Here are some Corrections to QZE 17. If you have the paper edition of QZE, check here for the corrections.

The paper version of QZE also has book reviews and music reviews and a zine primer and a list of Non-queer-specific zine resources which can be found by following those links. (these resources will be updated soon.)

Zines with a "+" at the beginning of the description are ones that are reviewed for the first time in this Queer Zine Explosion.

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Issue 13
A good mix of music stuff to draw in the hipsters, and then hit them with the political articles. Big theme of the issue is violence within the punk scene, with several articles on it and questions and answers from people. Interviews with the (Young) Pioneers, Karl of Earth Crisis, Jason of Kid Dynamite, and Boris and Stasa, who live in Yugoslavia. Article by a middle school teacher about dealing with verbal abuse and violence by students.
Email: pressure@spiritone.com
$2 to Jerod Bogli, 7622 SE 36th Ave, Portland OR 97202
56 pages, standard

Adventures of A-Girl
Issue 6 & 6 1/2
In these issues, A-Girl is working for a company that is working her to death drawing for animated cartoons. You may have also seen Elizabeth's comix in Action Girl.
$1 to Elizabeth Watasin, 120 So San Fernando Blvd #231, Burbank CA 91502
12 pages, half legal

Anything That Moves: The Magazine for the Serious Bisexual... No, Really
Issue 19
Issue #19 will be out soon - check their website for details.
Web Page: http://www.anythingthatmoves.com
Email: info@anythingthatmoves.com
$6 to BABN, 2261 Market St #496, SF CA 94114-1600
68 pages, standard

The Assassin and the Whiner
Issue 10
In this issue of this comic, Carrie writes about going to Maryland to be with her girlfriend. There's also some fun cat comix.
$1 to Carrie, PO Box 481051, LA CA 90048
20 pages, digest

Bamboo Girl
Issue 8
Rally against sweatshops run by Street Beat Sportwear; conversation with musician Joey Ayala; going on music video shoots, which turn out to be hotbeds of sexism, surprise surprise; non-Asians appropriating Asian tattoos; two koreans adopted by whites tell their stories; Asian stereotypes in films; a Black Panther activist returned to solitary confinement; things Lola (Gramma) taught me; interview with the creators of Bagong Pinay (New Filipina) website; the exclusion of Asians from the Million Youth March; anti-homosexual hate crimes; article on being married and queer; comx by Rachael House; article by a woman with manic-depressive illness who is getting better and speaking out about it; lawsuit by ASian American and Caucasian students denied service at Denny's; article on Australian neo-nazis; interview with Dr. Zieba Shorish-Shamley about women's situation in Afghanistan; stupid stereotype: Asian girls don't mind being harassed; performing at a Freshman Orientation at Rutgers; controversy in the stickfighter community; letters and zine and music reviews.
Web page: http://www.bamboogirl.com/
Email: bamboogirl@aol.com
$3 to Sabrina, Box 507, NY NY 10159-0507
88 pages, standard

Batteries Not Included
vol 6 #7
The always fun text-based publication about porn. A review of the cypherpunk porn movie Cryptic Seduction - nerds do porn; an article on tattoos; article on how to enter porn; video reviews, and more.
Email: bni@aol.com
$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman, 130 West Limestone St, Yellow Springs OH 45387
12 pages, standard

The Bed Time Zine
Issue 1
+ Mostly a poetry zine (though there is a prose piece about a lady who keeps goats.) There's a poem about extreme weather (of course--the zine's from Alaska), and one about the death of Jimmy's grandmother.
$1 to Jimmy, 4691 Caravelle Dr., Anchorage AK 99502
20 pages, digest

Black Sheets
Issue 15
The new issue #15 will be out soon - check their website for details.
Web Page: http://www.blackbooks.com
Email: blacksheets@blackbooks.com
$6 U.S./$8 Canada /$10 elsewhere to The Black Book, Box 31155, SF CA 94131
52 pages, standard
Age statement required.

Boys Who Wear Glasses
Issue 5
This zine is about Mark's life and interests, with a focus on female musicians. A reader responds with a long piece about his Annie Lennox fandom; memories of Mark's childhood; excerpts from Mark's journal entries over a 10-year period (and excerpts from his boyfriend Don's journal); Mark's coming out story. There are also nice spot doodle illustrations.
$2.50 to Mark Hain, 901 South Allen St. Apt D-5, State College PA 16801-6026
60 pages, digest

Celebrate the Self: The Magazine of Solo Sex
July/August 1999
The subject of the magazine is masturbation. There's a report on taking Viagra; solo sex technique suggestions from readers; book and video reviews; has photos of nude men.
Email: factorpress@zebra.net
$4.50 to Factor Press, Box 8888, Mobile AL 36689
36 pages, standard

Daily Plague
Issue 666
+ Australian-based AIDS activist zine. Fake celebrity news; the Sydney McMardiGras; the death of Australian politician Neville Bonner; gossip; reports from London and San Francisco; guide to what personal ad terms really mean. No address - I've seen copies at A Different Light in San Francisco, though.
10 pages, digest

Diseased Pariah News
Issue 11
Despite the recent passing of co-editor Beowulf Thorne, there is a new, final issue of DPN. Order promptly if you want a copy.
Email: dpnmail@netcom.com
$3/$5 Canada/$7 elesewhere to DPN c/o Men's Support Center, Box 30564, Oakland CA 94604
40 pages, half legal

Double Bill
Issue 4
The final issue of the zine, bidding a fond farewell to Bill Conrad and good riddance to William Burroughs. Point by point, we're shown who's the better man. William Conrad's son Chris is impressed by his father's appearance in Mad Magazine, while Bill Burroughs Jr. was present when his father shot his mother and ended up dying from his addictions. One piece traces the connections from Burroughs to rock stars who died from heroin abuse. Vaginal Davis shares a memory of the time her mother worked for William Conrad as a maid. James Cappio caps the zine with an insightful essay that argues that though Burroughs claimed to fight against "control" all his life, it was a battle he never won, as he remained controlled by addiction.
$3 to Double Bill, Box 55 Sta E, Toronto Ontario M6H 4E1 Canada
40 pages, half legal

Dykatude: A Journal of Dyke Dissent
Issue 5
Great article titled "Dyke Crip Pride" about using a wheelchar at a gay pride parade; gay and lesbian labor activists; the text of a speech about assimilation; an Indigo Girls fan writes about her obsession; a poem about an environmental illness avenger; "If Hollywood did disability" comic; poetry.
Email: sls@mit.edu
$4 to Sarah Shreeves, 228 Chestnut Ave, Jamaica Plain MA 02130-4412
24 pages, standard

+ A new queer zine due out shortly - email faggo@hotmail.com for more information.

Issue 18
This, the blood bath issue focuses on the continuing AIDS crisis. The cover piece is about the dilemmas of barebacking. There's other essays about how the AIDS crisis is not over. A piece about artist David Wojnarowicz. REB's 1970 school yearbook photo accompanies a piece asking "where do the young boys go for sex now that the public places are gone?" "Instant Kharma" is a piece about the murder of Matthew Shepard. A plant parasite yeilds an insight into AIDS. A story about a wizard's love curse. Nude photos of Billy's Toga Party. A theory about the possiblity that Ecstacy was introduced to sap the strength of gay activism. A poem about a wiccan talking back to a Christian.
$5 to c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue, Cranston RI 02905
56 pages, half legal
Free to prisoners.

Issue 41
A review of an Olivia Tremor Control (Carol used to correspond with one of the band members a long time ago.) A Pierre Molinier photo - Carol's answer, along some of Joel-Peter Witkin's stuff to the question what artists she finds erotic. Carol has had several loved ones with cancer recently, and there's a page about that.
stamps to Feedback, 16A Webster Ave., Somerville MA 02143
6 pages, standard

Issue 4.1
A lot of men buy XY because they want pictures of young guys, but the magazine masquerades as a magazine for youth. Gayme at least is honest about its purpose - it's for men who are into boys. There's an article by a guy who got arrested in Japan on accusations of having sex with a teenage boy; human rights failures of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission; article on 19th century paintings of shoeshine boys by J.G. Brown; memoir of a man's visit to Africa; the ancient Greeks; photographer Will McBride; a couple of fiction pieces; lots of photographs.
$9.95 to Gayme, Box 15645, Kenmore Station, Boston MA 02215
80 pages, standard

Issue 7
There is far too much stuff in this issue for me to list it all. It's huge, and great, with lots of comics and articles. There's an article by Trina Robbins on the history of Girls' comics; an interview with Sarah Dyer of Action Girl; Jane Shag Stamp on Diane Arbus; a report by Sarit on the London Queeruption gathering; quiz for those considering moving in with a boyfriend; Mary Shelley; responses to a questionaire about non-monogamy; story by Charlotte Cooper about a hot date; an article by a survivor of abuse which posits a link between porn and abuse; interview with Annette of Nana records. Plus comix by the likes of Ellen Forney, Jessica Abel, Leanne Franson, Megan Kelso, Carrie McNinch, Donna Barr, Rachael House, Roberta Gregory, and many more.
Web Page: http://www.slab-o-concrete.demon.co.uk/girl.htm
£6.50/$12+$2 post to Erica Smith, Box 148, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3DQ UK
100 pages, standard

Girls with Guitars
Issue 1
+ The zine focuses on dyke rock. It's mostly reprints of articles on bands like Team Dresch, Fifth Column, Heavens to Betsy, etc. There's a original article giving an overview (and it even displays three guitar chords so you too can learn to play.)
$1 to [Address Change] GWG - Grrrls with Guitars, 176 Booth Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4M 2M4
36 pages, half legal

Issue 1
+ A lot of stuff in this issue about Griswold, cartoonist creator of Psychotix the Gaul, which is kind of a gothic takeoff on Asterix.
Web Page: http://www.landwaster.com
Email: ron@landwaster.com
$3 to Landwaster Books, PO Box 3223, Frederick MD 21705-3223

vol 2 #1
Queer pagan publication. Articles on history of queer pagans, Lucifer, tarot, feng shui for fags, pagans in the U.S. miltary (and right-wingers criticisms of them), a report on Ananke: A Symposium of Global and Ritual Magic, menstuation for men; a piece on Luminous Darkness, a musical project by former members of Coil and Death in June.
NEW: Email: queerspirit@excite.co.uk
30 pages, standard

Issue 5
+ Tons of stuff here - columns, article on the Zapatistas, interview with Ramona Africa, article on socially responsible investing, and lots of music reviews. But the reason I'm reviewing it is the interview with Kaia of the Butchies and formerly Team Dresch. (The $3 postage covers up to 8 items, so see their website for more distro stuff to save money.)
Web Page: http://hodgepodge.burnit.net
Email: cestpodge@aol.com
$1+$3 postage to Mike Schade, 140 Lisbon Ave, Buffalo NY 14214
88 pages, standard

Homoeroticon presents The Haunts of Queers
Issue 4
This is like a queer version of E.C. comics. The stories are indroduced by The Old Troll and The Pornkeeper. First up is a story set in a sex club. There's a story about a guy who feels like a vampire after his HIV test; an archaeologist finds a mummy; a story about a dwarf and a singing siren; Young Binky proves what Wertham said about the evils of comics; Helldresser makes over more horror monsters; Age statement required.
Web: http://www.homoeroticon.com
$4 to Bobby Tran Dale, 3300 Jordan Road, Oakland CA 94602
72 pages, standard

Juha Newsletter
Issue 1
+ Juha company is a performance group - the two performers are Collin, former publisher of the zine Quart, and Ghalib, former publisher of Sot el khawal. Their other collaborator is Ariel. Together they have developed a play called "Faggoty Ann & Andy at the Wishing Well," a play about two Palestinian boys. Besides info about the play, there is a translation of a narrative by an Israeli soldier about soldiers beating up a retarded child; a guide to starting a non-profit arts company; a nice letter from Bea Arthur.
web: http://www.juhamusic.com/
12 pages, digest

King of the Fairies
Issue 9
While basically about queer Canadian fiddler Ashley MacIsaac, this is also about the editor, Glendon. This issue takes a diaristic form, with meditations on various topics, including bareback sex and The Twilight Of the Golds.
$2 to Glendon McKinney, 91 Sackville St, Toronto Ont M5A 3E6 Canada
44 pages, digest

Kink: kinky queer grrly sexy
Issue 10
Charlotte describes herself as a "girl-fucker who hates lesbians." This issue is dedicated to trashing lesbians. "10 things I hate about lesbians." Plus an interview with a member of the mysterious Homocult! And Charlotte has also produced the one-off zine "Scott", about Captain Scott the polar explorer.
Email: beefergrrl@hotmail.com
Web: Charlottecooper.net
$1 per issue to Kink, 33 Romford Road, Stratford, London E15 4LY UK
2 pages, oversized

Little Girl
Issue 1
+ The main part of this zine is a long story about a group of friends. There's also poetry, and an a-z of various people and things, like Ewan, x-boyfriend, etc. The cover is drawn by Sina.
3 IRCs/trade to Strange Station, 18 Sunningdale Avenue, Sale Cheshire M33 2PH UK
44 pages, digest

Love... basic human right or punishable offence?
+ Mini-comic by Peter Arkle about Mariana Cetiner, a woman arested in Romania for reportedly attempting to seduce another woman. She was the first woman imprisoned for her sexuality to be adopted by Amnesty International.
Web Page: http://www.slab-o-concrete.demon.co.uk
Email: missives@slab-o-concrete.demon.co.uk
£1.50/$3 to Slab-O-Concrete, PO Box 148 , Hove BN3 3DQ UK
20 pages, Mini

Max & Lily: Adjectives Aren't Interesting
+ Comic by Kris Dresen about Max, an artist, and her gay male friend Lily. In one of the comics, an interviewer suggests that Max's drawings have lesbian content, because the woman in one of them is in a room with hardwood floors - but she protests to her friend, "But my sexuality is so far down the list of how I identify myself I often forget about it!"
Email: vagabondtg@aol.com
$1.50 to Vagabond Press, 2300 N. Clybourn Ave Suite #2, Chicago IL 60614
16 pages, half legal

The Messy Eater
Issue 5
+ With a left-handed layout, and stamped reclaimed-paper cover, this zine stands out as out of the ordinary. It's got a lot of text pieces on personal and political topics, like a girl who cuts herself, everyday racism, talking to a teacher about dreams, book suggestions, being fat, diary of a trip to Portland, and more.
Email: elkatraz@hotmail.com
$2? to Elka, 148 Via Vaja, Ventura CA 93003
72 pages, Mini

Mohawk Beaver
Issue 5
A first-person account by a drag king who uses a wheelchair; problems with feminist groups; vacationing in the Lake District with a drag king; an article on shaving body hair; childhood experiences of seeing porn; fan page about Ani DiFranco. Great design with lots of photos and drawings.
$3/£2/Dkkr20/5 Dm to Mohawk Beaver, Poste Restante Nørrebro Postkontor, Copenhagen N DK-2200 Denmark
28 pages, digest

Issue 5
+ Angelina sound like she'd be fun to hang out with - this zine's got personality plus. Interview with a woman who strips; going on a date with Julia from Blockbuster (having worked up to ask her by renting lesbian-themed movies); conversation with a guy who got caught kissing another boy when he was 13; sex survey; a hilarious glossary of Angie-speak.
Email: angelina331@yahoo.com
$1 to (new address): Angelina Price, PO Box 3024, Fayetteville NC, 28302-3024
34 pages, standard

Mount Terror
Issue 3
+ An article about Jen Matheson, who went to a women's gathering at at the faerie land in northern Minnesota; a comic about Clovis, chieftan of the Franks in the 5th century; comic about shoplifting at Six Flags; an interview with Larry-bob from 1995 (not that I've done much since then so it's still pretty accurate); comic about a McCarthy era purge of a University of Minnesota professor; prose based on a Chris ware comic.
$1 to John Fulton, 1017 Englewood Ave., St. Paul MN 55104
40 pages, digest

My Dead Face
Issue 1
+ A story by Travis Jeppesen. A zitty face and the offer of poison drugs from a dermatologist is its genesis.
Email: travisjeppesen@hotmail.com
$1 to

Naughty Bits
Issue 29
In this issue of the comic, Marcie, Bitchy Bitch's Christian co-worker, is in for a shock as her minister is arrested in a homosexual scandal. Plus an autobiographical story as Roberta visits her parents and deals with her father's Alzheimer's. Also available is a collection of comix about the lesbian character Bitchy Butch.
Web Page: http://www.robertagregory.com
$3.45 ppd to Fantagraphics, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA 98115
28 pages, comic book

Noise Queen
Issue 17
A poem about Matthew Shepard, and an article about the reaction to his death and the religious right; an interview with the band Consumerist; article on the 60s band United States of America (I'm going to have to seek them out - Tim's got good taste in obscure music); drawings by Arne (I think the one involving the Teletubby was made before Mr. Falwell's comments, and refers to the talking Teletubby dolls); book, zine, and music reviews.
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Castro/7507/
Email: chelseaskeeper@rocketmail.com
$2 to Tim Murphy, 238 Glen Castle Road, Kingston Ont K7M 4N8 Canada
30 pages, standard

Issue 3
+ Writing, drawings, and comics by a woman named Nik. This is a compilation of work completed in bars in Olympia while having a beer or whiskey. There's a piece about having trouble sleeping; a comic about wondering who bought her another Guinness; an observation of unhappy happy hours; comic about getting mail (the best part of anyone's day).
$1 to Nik, 120 State Ave NE #1482, Olympia WA 98501-8212
56 pages, digest

Planet Drag King
Issue 4
+ Lots of short text pieces on a range of topics. Family stuff, living on the street, gender non-conformity, and much more in a vibrant mix of writing and drawing.
$2? to Olivia, 3233 Juliet St., Pittsburgh PA 15213
32 pages, digest

The PN Alternative Lifestyles Newsletter
Issue 2
+ PN stands for "Pottsie Nation." It's got opinion columns about gay and bi rights, personal writing, poetry, reviews, and news items. The zine operates as an open forum, so they're looking for people to write for it.
$2/trade to Suzy, 15501 SW 42 Ave, Ellendale MN 56026
6 pages, tabloid

Issue 3-5
Each issue is one huge page jammed with stuff. #3 has stuff on watching wrestling as a kid, some sexual experiences and their related songs, female sung power ballads, a history of Joe's hairstyles, and celebrity spotting. #4 has an update on KISS merchandise, Joe's "Vissi d'arte" tattoos, the art of outrageous lies, friends with kids, and Dolly Parton. #5 has stuff on getting a haircut, memories of Dusty Springfield, television viewing, unintentionally funny things in porn videos, and the trenchcoat mafia. Plus you can always count on Pop for some nice pix of tattooed fat blokes.
$1/free to Pop, c/o BCM 5524, London WC1 3XX UK
2 pages, tabloid

Issue 3-4
+ #3: Rant on various topics, like cigarette bums and butt-pinching in gay bars; interview with Kembra of Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black; an extended hanky code; the Tinky Winky controversy; interview with porn star Jim Buck; you thought your highschool was hell - well check out this 1919 yearbook with people dying of flu and bizarre rules; glamorous car crashes; video, record, and zine reviews. #4: an editorial about Littleton, a rant various topics; Nashville Pussy interview; article on Cockroaches; interview with Bob Davies of ex-gay ministry Exodus; Rock E. Horror garbage pail kid; article on gay cops; record, video, and zine reviews.They print lots of copies, so let them know if there's cool stores in your area where Q.U.E.E.R could be given away free.
Email: khwerrouge@hotmail.com
free/$1 to Q.U.E.E.R, PO Box 52812, New Orleans LA 70152-2812
32 pages, standard

Issue 1
+ Collaborative zine with excerpts from the Australian queer zines The Burning Times, Queerzine, Thunderpussy, and Coughing Up Legomen. Of those, I haven't seen Thunderpussy yet, but the excerpt here is great - comebacks to sexist street harassment. [Thunderpussy's address: Flea @ Box 1071, Brighton Rd, LPO Elwood Vic 3184.]
$1 to Chris, PO Box 530, West Ryde 2114 NSW Australia
14 pages, digest

Issue 1
+ Most of the contents of this zine (which is clad in a nice color xerox cover) are collages and art. The text pieces include a gender-fucked version of the story of Adam and Eve; Starpower is arrested for carrying a fake gun; fondling a guy after he's passed out; sock monkey instructions.
Email: queerland@yahoo.com
$3 to Queerland, PO Box 560, Newtown NSW 2042 Australia
32 pages, digest

Queer Punk: a personal zine
Issue 1
+ Dagnir writes about why he started writing; a piece called "I lay in the alcove of the building."
Email: dagnir@prodigy.net
SASE to Queer Punk, PO Box 14603, Long Beach CA 90803
12 pages, digest

Rainbo Ghetto
Issue 5
+ Odd found inmage collages with typewritten text.
stamp/trade to Silent Psychic, 111 Broadway Suite 133-183, Boise ID 83702
24 pages, Mini

The real mountain Charley
+ A pamphlet about Charley Parkhurst, who was a stage coach driver in 19th century California. Charley was biologically a woman, which was not discovered until after death. An interesting piece of history researched by Ed Sams.
$6 to Yellow Tulip Press, PO Box 211, Ben Lomond CA 95005
64 pages, digest

RFD: A Country Journal For Queer Folk
Issue 98
A major source of Radical Faerie info (and there's always at least one letter complaining that they're not writing about farms or something, and the answer is always - "it's a reader-written magazine, so why don't you write something.") This issue has articles on herbal remedies (though I don't know if I'm willing to put cayenne pepper in my eyes to see better); Russian elders of the gay lerary Underground; article about a Mayan sculpture of a guy with a big dick; the Kawashaway faerie sanctuary in Minnesota; prisoner penpal ads; poetry, fiction, book reviews, and more.
$6.50 to RFD, Box 68, Liberty TN 37095
76 pages, standard

Rubyfruit Manifesto
Issue 2
+ Queer women's health resources; a piece inspired by Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues"; two chapters from a novel in progress; collage art.
$1+2 stamps to Tyrell Haberkorn, 120 Estes Drive Extension, Carrboro NC 27510
44 pages, digest

Salivation Army
Issue 7
This is the final issue of this queer magick zine. Living the non-fascist life; an invocation to protect the just from Christianity; almost doing a presentation at an overpriced queer conference; a call from Pepsi leads to the design of "generation hex" posters with figures like Charlie Manson; gay lovers killed in witchcraft mishap; the problem of lack of political action; a comic about students who occupied a bank to protest tuition increases.
$2 to c/o Fierce Little Engine, PO Box 67539, RPO Spadina Ave, West, Toronto ON M5T 3B8
40 pages, digest

Issue 4
+ This is the "queer" issue of Scutter. It includes interview with the bands Pansy Division, Los Super Elegantes, Sourtooth, Loli and the Chones, and Allegro, and with Marcus Hu of Strand film distribution, Vaginal Davis, and Kathleen Hanna. Plus people's answers to questions about homosexuality, an article on coming out to parents, an expose of the homophobic Progressive Labor Party, a guide to safe sex, and meeting Janeane Garofalo. Rudy also does a record label and has relased a record with songs by Pansy Division, Bis, Ozma, and Sourtooth.
$3/trade to Rudy, PO Box 3247, Alhambra CA 91803
44 pages, standard

Issue 3.33 1/3
Mega-huge issue of the zine. Lots of comics and music coverage. To be specific: A wacky comic about space robots and a caveman co-existing with dinosaurs; profiles of various gods and monsters, such as Testes, herald of the God of Fuck; a narrative about ending up participating in a bondage show; meeting John Taylor of Duran Duran; a big section on top movies and music of 1997.
New Email: sarospice@yahoo.com
$2 to SHME, Box 13155, Chicago IL 60613
84 pages, standard

Speed Demon
Issue 10
Big new issue of this Italian language zine. An interview with Vidkid Timo, who does porn videos and videos for Varla Jean Merman; an article by a prisoner about homosexuality in prison; interview with the Australian band Kill Mariah, formerly called Sulk; excerpt "lesbianism and political awareness" from the book "Women for Peace" published in Belgrade; Pansy Division interview; reports from the Turin gay and lesbian film festival in '98 and '99; a translation of an interview of Kathy Acker by Kathleen Hanna from "Zero Hour" magazine; interview with Scott Treleaven of the zine Salivation Army and maker of "Queercore (a punk-u-mentary)"; book and zine reviews; interview with D. Gomez of Longstocking (the straight member of the band); interview with Polish visual artist Katarzyna Kozyra, who had herself made up with a beard and fake penis to pass in a men's bathhouse and made a video; article on Alfredo Cohen, one of only two explicitly queer 70s Italian singers; interview with cartoonist Abby Denson; avant-pop writer Harold Jaffe; music reviews.
Email: speeddemon@galactica.it
$5 to Speed Demon, Box 44/A, P.ZA San Babila 4/D 20122 Milano Italy
82 pages, standard

+ The neatly collaged found items and the unusual folded construction method bring to mind Farm Pulp. Everything serves as a graphical element, including the poetry.
$2 to Spunk, PO Box 55336, Hayward CA 94545
34 pages, digest

Issue 4
+ Here's what this magazine has to say for itself: "Star is a D.I.Y. free-donation queer, anticapitalist and antipatriarkist fanzine." This is an excellent political queer magazine - unfortunately I cannot read French much, which is the primary language here (ah, ugly American.) Contents include information on the results of sexism in France; a comic in which two gays are too busy shopping too busy shopping to do anything about a cop arresting an immigrant but comment on how sexy they are; interview with someone from the German project Homoland; political news from various parts of the world; an article on pedophilia; article on anarchy vs. patriarchy; article on the situation of lesbian politics; interview with a male prostitute. There's much other information I haven't summarized here. Here's some addresses of other zines reviewed in Star - Tutentinte (radical gay german fanzine), Institut zue Verzögerung und Beschleunigung der Zeit, Kastanienallee 86, D-10435 Berlin. Sabotage - only for girls, c/o Karine, 128 r du Grand bois, 59600 Maubeuge, France. S.O.S. Homophobie, BP 177, 75523 Paris cedex 11 France Kaos GL - Turkish gay monthly - www.geocities.com/westhollywood/heights/3050 Les Flam'en pRoses - monthly minizine of a lesbian/gay group, 19 rue de Condé, 59000 Lille, France
free-donation to c/o MAB, 37 rue Burdeau, 69001 Lyon France
60 pages, standard

Stearn Highway Puss-Puss
Issue 1.5
+ Writing about a first girlfriend; piece by Mona's dad about the music of today like Beck; a piece about Mona's grandma; mom doesn't pay attention in yoga class; an obsession with graffiti; worrying about regretting coming out due to awkwardness with friends; a piece on acne.
$1+3 stamps to Mona, POB 60675, Palo Alto CA 94306-0675
16 pages, digest

Swallow Your Pride
+ Radical queer activist zine associated with Dumba, the Brooklyn venue that's the home of the annual Gay Shame celebration. There's short pieces by a lot of contributors on political subjects, and good graphics begging to be printed on stickers.
$1 or stamps to c/o S. Berry, PO Box 20900 Tomkins Square Station, NY NY 10009
96 pages, half standard
Free to prisoners.

Swan 2 (or Dwan 26)
This zine consistently blows me away with its intelligence and scope. Donny manages to bring together a range of living writers, and also rediscover past creators. The poetry in this issue includes translations of Sof'ya Parnok, a woman born in 1885, who had relationships with women and wrote poety inspired by Sappho. So the first half is poetry -- the second half is mostly entries from Donny's diary and letters to him. Plus a supplement about being a Wiccan in prison.
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6982/
Email: dsmith3@swarthmore.edu
$2/free to prisoners to Donny Smith, Box 411, Swarthmore PA 19081-0411
44 pages, digest
Free to prisoners.

Teenage Death Songs
Issue 10
+ Seems to be a split zine, since you flip it over and there's two covers. One half is mostly a long prose piece in which seeing a guy who looks like Thurston Moore playing pool sparks memories of a fellow highschool misfit. The other side of the zine seems to be called Kole + Kole, and more short pieces with a collage and drawing layout.
$2? to Teenage Death Songs, PO Box 5634, Richmond VA 23220
36 pages, half legal

To Avoid Suffocation
Issue 3
+ This zine is done by a group of bi and dyke activists. This is the Small Town Dyke issue. Contents include an article on labels like dyke, lady, etc.; pieces on anger at being marginalized and on conformity; a record of political actions by the people who do the zine; a rant about apathy; an article on tampon safety; pieces on the Rev. Fred Phelps and his hatemongering; ex-friends who are addicts; the U.S. war on Iraq; the cultural stratification of the World Wide Web.
Email: suffocation@cryogen.com
$1? to Leslie, PO Box 211, Jonesboro ME 04648
24 pages, digest

Tommy Gunn: Fierce dyke adventures
Fun comics - one's about an evil substitute teacher; there's trading cards of the superhero characters and their enemies; a comic about a car accident while cranking dyke punk music; So you say ya wanna be a Lesbian Avenger comic; Dyke job interview tips.
$1 to Brat Distro, PO Box 18422, Washington DC 20036 [moved - hopefully a new address will turn up.]
16 pages, digest

Too many bisexual rockstars and not enough lesbian hip hop artists
+ I'm guessing this writing had its genesis in spoken word performance, because I can practically hear it being read as I look at it on the page. Prose pieces like the title piece, one on "dyke reek," and more. Color xerox cover. Also available: The Urban Hermit, with a piece on being a tomboy who gets nods from boys; drunken angels; plenty more. And Andre's looking to get in touch with other female skateboarders.
$2 to Andre, PMB 910, 1122 E. Pike, Seattle WA 98122
32 pages, digest

Topical Treatments
Issue 1-2
+ Zine done by Gretchen Phillips and Ann Cvetkovich. Gretchen is a musican (see review of her CD in this issue). Issue 1 has tips for milking the most fun out of gay pride/dyke marches; reviews of gay films; shopping for shoes at John Fluevog; performance group Split Britches; owning original Nicole Eisenman art; organ music; the lost Vanity Fair interview with Gretchen. Issue 2 has stuff on the Michigan women's music festival; opinions from people of various ages on turning 40; more on shoes; a prediction of more homosexuals engaging in hetero sex; you've heard of dyke daddies - how about dyke mommy scenes?; meditations on the deaths of two friends and Princess Diana and Kathy Acker.
$2 to Gretchen Phillips, PO Box 6085, Austin TX 78762
32 pages, digest

The Volcano: a subversive dyke reader
Issue 3
Letters in response to the butch-on-butch issue; a story about a party where the dykes are packing dildos; the Volcano Manifesto; things that have been getting The Volcano Girls where they want to be; dealing with yeast; a piece on working with queer homeless youth; piece on moving to San Francisco; review of Michelle Tea's book; erotic photos; poetry.
Web: http://www.thevolcano.freeservers.com/
Email: thevolcano@hotmail.com
$2 to 3 Firey Ho(l)es, PO Box 682, Madison WI 53701-0682
24 pages, half legal

Where did our love go?
+ A new zine by Nomy Lamm. In the introduction she worries about living up to the standards of zines people expect of her, but I find it impossible to imagine ever being disappointed by one of her zines. Some of the contents are: a comic about realizing that a childhood friend was molested; 10 things not to do to a jew; a suggestion for someone wanting to be a fat ally - make a cheerleader costume for Nomy; on being a freak; ways to cope with depression; preparing for a visit to the doctor, to avoid another bad experience with the medical profession; observations on Olympia's punk scene; feeling glad to be a dyke, since it's hard for straight fat girls to get a date with guys who aren't creeps; more drawings and comics.
$3? to Where did our love go?, 120 State NE #1510, Olympia WA 98501
52 pages, digest

Issue 7
A split issue comparing and contrasting the Male-to female TS experience with the Female to Male TS experience. There's an article by Jayson about the tensions between the two. There's an article by an FTM (Raven Kaldera) who is married to an MTF -- describing their life together. There are poems and drawings by Micah Dirtboy and Sunsong K. Firedancer. There's a satirical piece about the commericial exploitation of TS people by Canadian writer Xanthra Phillippa Mackay who used to co-publish Gendertrash, and a comic of similar sensibility by Mary Barsic. The next issue will be about race and trans issues.
Email: willyzine@aol.com
$4 to Jayson Barsic, Box 2603, Portland OR 97208
100 pages, digest

Worse Than Queer
Issue 1
+ The zine kicks off the with Autono/sexual (Hu)manifesto, which has sections dealing with bisexuality, masturbation liberation, genderfuck, and non-monogamy; an article on the fluidity of sex, gender and orientation; thoughts on labels; several pages of clipped quotes from "Everything you always wanted to know about sex" (which we all know is ridiculous, so why reprint so much?); a page on queers and anarchists; a nice graphic of a photocopy machine with a banner reading "The Tyrant's foe, the people's friend."
Web Page: http://www.cs.unm.edu/~blankreg/i-funk/
Email: subhumyn@hotmail.com
$2/trade to Worse Than Queer, Po Box 90361, Indanapolis IN 46240
48 pages, digest