The 20th Century

I can't escape the 20th Century. I tried to write new music today - to make 21st Century music. But I'm trapped by the past. Even thought I didn't sample any 20th Century music, the music I made was filled with the musical idioms of the 20th Century - the century of blues, jazz, rock, funk.

It's impossible to be a futurist. The past is the only thing patterns can be based on. Even Sch&oubl;nberg's alternate geometry of atonality in place of traditional harmony, the twelve tone system, is a 20th Century invention. If I delve into whole note scales, that's the domain of 20th Century denizen Thelonious Monk.

Now that I've left you with that depressing thought, here's a more positive one. The new millennium is good for New Year's resolutions. Now you can say "I've never -- fill in the blank -- this millennium." So if you've got a clean slate so far, why not keep it that way?


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