Anti-war Contingents

San Francisco saw this past weekend one of its largest anti-war marches ever. There were so many contingents that nobody could possibly see all of them. Some of the odder:

War Stinks: The crusty coalition: Reeking of rotten sweat and clad in dirt-stiffened longjohns, the crusty anti-war contingent brought an olfactory aspect to the protest. Lobbing stink-bombs, they may have alienated their fellow protesters at times -- but at least compared to the rest of the crowded procession they had plenty of breathing room, even if it was bad breath.

The Beige Block: Wearing thrifted polyester leisure suits, this crew set new standards of blandness in both their look and their behavior. Chanting "Dull and ordinary, bland and boring, George Bush's war leaves us snoring." They prove that not only radicals are speaking out against militarism, but also mediocre citizens.

Draft Dodgers for War: Dressed in rubber masks of famous draft-dodging hawks like Dan Quayle, etc. Life's a masquerade old chum, and we need the chance to disguise ourselves as our worst fears. Kind of like Halloween.

A-Gays Against the War: Yes, even Aberzombies aren't all dittoheads. They've left their Lexuses parked at home in the driveway and taken public transportation, risking blisters from their tassled loafers to send the message that they may have Attitude, but they're also anti-war.

The Brooks Brothers Block: Everyone thinks they know what an anarchist looks like. Everyone expects the person in the all-black with a bandana face mash to smash a window. Nobody expects the yuppie in the suit, tie and briefcase to wield that briefcase against the window of a Starbucks. And since yuppies all look the same, the police will never figure out who did it. Unless it's that one businessperson wearing Doc Martens.

You've seen those photos of the people posed naked on hillsides spelling out anti-war messages. Well, nudists aren't the only ones pushing for peace. We've got people wearing everything from burqas to Birkenstocks.

No War.

Peace Now.


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