You have to learn from your enemies. I always check out what the Christians are up to. You know the phrase "preaching to the choir"? That's what I always seem to be doing. Everyone here agrees with me. I'm only sarcastic and saying the opposite of what I believe to shake things up a little.

What I'm going to learn from the Christians is evangelism. Getting out there and spreading some kinda new gospel, getting ideas into the heads of heathens who never heard of Anarchy or Tempeh or Bikini Kill. Going door to door, printing leaflets on Bible paper, streetcorner preaching with a bullhorn. Not to praise Jesus but rather the spirit of D.I.Y. Everybody join in -- be a drag queen Tammy Fae, a Billy Graham packing something besides a Bible. The lost sheep are out there -- gather them in like a good shepherd of bestiality. They need to know there's another way than the great Satan of corporate big box America.

Enough of hiding your light under a bushel basket. Stop worrying that the scene is going to be overrun by uncool bridge and tunnel yuppies. Don't hadn your flyers only to people with tattoos and spikes. That's preaching to the converted. They'll be there anyway -- it's the ones who don't know any better than Britney Sprears who need the help.

Somebody gave me the signal to be myself. Got enough yeses so I let my friends cut my hair, took me to thrift shops, played me their records, invited me to join their band, got me to design their zine, invited me to be who I became. I want to extent that permission, allow participation.

My evangelism isn't for right-wing coercive religion. It's evangelism for participatory, politicized creativity.


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