Other People's Kinks

Other people's kinks are funny. The name of this website and zine is Holy Titclamps. The very name is making fun of nipple-pinching S&Mers. Admit it, you've giggled at bizarre porn sites or gazed in shock at extreme body modifications.

Why are other people's kinks funny? Does it just mean we're hung up, guiltily giggling kids? Some things can be readily understood, while other kinks seem either too un-erotic or too painful to be pleasurable. Sometimes we recognise ourselves, but a person has taken our mild preference to an extreme, bizarre end. On the internet, people create websites where they shamelessly expose themselves and their predilicions. We stare in disbelief that someone could be either that unashamed or that sociopathic.

It's not just erotic interests that people expose to ridicule. Nerds put up webpages about their interests of all kinds, those things they think are cools, and other mean people make fun of them.

The laughter stops when it's your own kink that's the laughing stock, when your butt is the butt of the joke. It too you long enough to admit your fetish to yourself and enjoy it. Maybe your friends don't know about the twist that turns your crank. You've had to pretend to laugh along as they joked about your secret prediliction (whether that's as general as homosexuality or something more particular like toe-sucking.) Come on, folks, coming out is a never-ending process -- your friends can deal with your kinks without treating you like the freak that you are, or they're not really your friends. Go ahead and reveal your fantasies -- who knows -- your friends may share them or may know another pervert they can introduce you to.

I imagine a coming out server where all the unashamed would appear under their realname, exposing naked pictures of themselves, lists of their kinks, all open to the world. Everyone in the world has had a nude picture of themselves taken, if only when they were a baby in the bath. It's a return to electronic Eden, where nobody wears a fig leaf anymore because nobody is ashamed.


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