Queer Zine Explosion 20

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This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #20, compiled in August 2003. This includes new zines since QZE #19, which was published in June 2001.

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Here are some Corrections to QZE 20. If you have the paper edition of QZE, check here for the corrections.

The paper version of QZE also has books received and music received and a zine primer and a list of Non-queer-specific zine resources which can be found by following those links.

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Queer Zine Explosion

As my jaw dropped to the ground... meek faces and apocalyptic visions
Comix zine edited by Ango, who is a member of Pornflakes Queer Crew of Italy, Black Sun Productions (Switzerland), and Speed Demon Queer Zine from Italy. There is series of drawings which are variations on a theme: a wide-eyed figure with piercings facing the viewer.
(D-20/ $3, 2 euro, or trade.)
Email meekdead {A} hotmail.com
Ango c/o Visone, Via Dell'Aprica, 24, 20158 Milano Italy

Lengthly, well-designed French-language zine. Queer crossover summer camp; queer squat interview; heterophobia; much more.
(D-80/$?) BangBang, 6, Chemin Galiffe, CH-1201 Geneve. web: http://bangbang1969.free.fr

Batteries Not Included
Vol X #6
Monthly zine about porn ­ just prose, no illustrations. Mostly straight porn but interesting nonetheless. This one has an article about a woman who worked as a dancer and wrote an academic book called G-Strings and Sympathy about strip club regulars.
(S-12/$3, $4 outside US.) BNI 513 N. Central Ave, Fairborn, OH 45324 bni {A} aol.com

#1: November 2002
Jeff of Gutterfag's new zine focusing on the Philly scene. Includes an interview with Myles of Destruction. The back of the zine says it's "for queers who love punk & getting drunk" and there is a beer gut of the month centerfold, a review of the movie "Beer Money", and recommendations of 2 drunx punx albums: the Pogues' Rum, Sodomy and the Lash and Schlong's Punk Side Story.
(D-20/$2) Brooding Rant Press, 72 Sarah Ln, Middletown, NY 10941-4021

The Body + Other Checklists: Guidebook to the future
The S.C.U.M. Manifesto and Kathy Acker are ancestors of this stellar document. In the future it becomes apparent that language is inadequate and preloaded with sexism so it must be replaced by tattoos and rebuses. Queers are driven to reproduce by Xerox instead of biology. Profusely illustrated throughout.
(D-52/$?) Lisa Bonet, 926 N 3rd Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

Boyfunk Manifesto which starts out about being tired of mainstream gay culture; Fighting back means...; Fuck Punk Rock; a questionnaire ­ you know you're in love when, you know your parents only want the best for you when, etc.; poetry and prose.
(S-22/$2, free for prisoners, trades welcome) Donald Unger Jr, 12 Edwards St., Binghamton, NY 13901.

Clit Rocket
Zine from Italy with GB Jones & the birth of queer; S/he of Minnie Bruce Pratt; Derek Jarman biography; Harum Scarum Interview; Ecce Homo; World Gay Pride 2000; Tribe 8 Interview; Haggard Interview; Raunchy Reckless & The Amazons from TX; Sublime Mutations of LaGrace Volcano; Kathy Acker; Diamanda Galas; Pier Paolo Pasolini; Stone Butch Blues; Butch & Femme in the 50s; Boys Don¹t Cry; Lesbian Bitches; Michelle Tea¹s Valencia. (S-52/$5/3 Euro) email: clitrocket {A} hotmail.com

Dirt and Sky:
Most of this zine consists of Mark writing about his father's rapid demise from leukemia; it's very touching, particularly if someone you know has gone through a similar struggle. Also included here is a much more lighthearted section in which Mark gossips with an old friend about what's happened to the newspaper staffers, hessians, and bullies they knew in highschool. Mark also has done the zine Boys Who Wear Glasses.
(D-80/$4) Mark Hain, Po Box 411, Swarthmore, PA 19081. giant_turu {a} hotmail.com

the Third Solanas Supplement to Dwan
Donny interviews the manager of the building in New York where Valerie Solanas lived (!); Donny interviews three men who know Solanas; a bibliography of man-hating, sex war, utopia; Donny's take on the SCUM Manifesto; various correspondence about Solanas. By the way, Dwan usually publishes poetry. (D-64/$4 or good trade, free to prisoners) Donny Smith, PO Box 411, Swarthmore, PA 19081. dwanzine {a} hotmail.com

Spoken word poetry pieces by Julia Serano. The cover depicts the classic illusion of a vase or two faces. The pieces in here reflect Julia's observations about her transition from male to female. Also included is a CD of spoken word pieces and songs from Julia's band Bitesize. (D-36/ $7.50) Switch Hitter Press, PO Box 16218, Oakland, CA 94610. http://www.juliaserano.com

Queer male-oriented zine from Vancouver. Why hasn't anyone come forward as witnesses to the murder of Aaron Webster, who was killed at a cruising area?; "Going down on Joey Brown"; Jon Ginoli article on the Castro; "Unwritten" by R.W. Gray; Rebecca Levi on photos of herself inhabiting butch and femme; "The Red Room"; Skinjobs interview; Tim Murphy on Possessiveness; letter from Rufus Poser with porn photos; "Tattoos are sexy"; Faggo writes about going on tour with a band with a member who also identified as bisexual; The true confessions of Miss Cookie Lawhore; Billeh Nickerson on a first orgasm from a foot massager purchased from the Avon Lady; Chris writes about getting his van inspected while crossing the border into Canada; a C. Bard Cole story about what people did with the divided ashes of a friend who'd died of an O.D.; Daryl Vocat's thoughts about participating in Pride; a fantasy about having sex with a guy working at Mr. S Leather; "My Favorite Fag" about Michael V. Smith; a story about fucking an old punk guy; a poem by Johnny Hardway; zine, book and music reviews; a retrospective of the past two years of the Vancouver queer punk scene by Rufus Poser. (S-44) Distributed by AK Press, 674-A 23rd St, Oakland CA www.akpress.org faggo {a} hotmail.com

Interview with Neil of the zine Wiener Society, with whom REB is in a long-distance relationship; interview with members of the queer / Palestinian / hip hop performance group Juha; The crucial need for flamboyance by Neil; review of the film L.I.E. and an examination of the critical response; remembering 30 years ago. (S-36/$6, free to prisoners) 109 Arnold Ave, Cranston, RI 02905. http://fanorama.tk

Fixing Her Hair

Finding out about the bisexual movement; getting told a "let's all fuck, not fight" sign at an antiwar rally is offensive when it's war that's offensive; lyrics of the Ani DiFranco song that gave the zine its title; reading an old copy of The Joy of Gay Sex and realizing that there was a time before her life when AIDS wasn't around; reaction to birth control pills; Liberté writes about where she's from; polyamory. (D-32/$2, Selective trades, free to prisoners.) Liberté c/o Autonomous Zone, 2129 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 FreedBiArt {a} topseven.com

Freak Tension
Going to a Billy Idol concert; review of CD by Dana International the Israeli trans singer; an evening at the Eyeball Supper Club. Not overt queer content that I can see unless you count the back cover picture of two polar bears dancing, but I guess I got sent this. (D-24/$1) Matt Johnson, PO Box 22163, Green Bay, WI 54305.

#14: Karachi
Amazing art publication with full color drawing color and inside drawings of middle-eastern men; a fold-out of a cityscape; counting in Arabic and German; phrases reflecting people's paranoia about people from the middle east. C/o mbf, Postfach 2708, 8021 Zürich, Switzerland. Price: 14 Franks. http://www.grrrr.net

the writing and art of a queer nomadic punker: Starts out with a listing of the many zines that Jeff has produced over the past decade. This is a collection of stuff from various zines, flyers, art and writing, including items like "roolz of squatter punx". (D-24/$2?) Brooding Rant Press, 72 Sarah Ln, Middletown, NY 10941-4021

Homopunk World
Summer 2002, Issue 4
Zine by Tony "Anonymous Boy" Arena. Includes an interview with Limpwrist, and an interview with cartoonist Abby Denson, tribute to Lance Loud, and an article on homophobic punk. Plus of course Anonymous Boy drawings. (S-18/$1?) c/o Tony Arena, PO Box 1502, Old Chelsea Station, NY NY 10011

Iron Femme
If my life was a movie; imagining what the Iron Femme float would look like if queers could march in St. Patrick's Day parades; Hair and Beauty: Bleached hair, ethnicity, and other freak-outs; working in an office job and the difficulties of being an "out" butch-loving femme; and much more. (D-36/$?) email iron_femme {a} yahoo.com

Kweer Corps International: By Queer Punks * For Queer Punks.
Issue 2, August/Sept 2002
This zine includes writing by a variety of queers. "More Flamers! More Bull Dykes!: The Crucial Need for Flamboyance" by Neil Edgar of Wiener Society, in which he, a prisoner, talks about the vital role of jailhouse queens; PunkFag on mainstream queeers; Jesse writes about a conservative paper with headlines like "The danger of safe schools"; Damien on the question of why there are more queer women and FTM in the anarcho-punk scene than queer men or MTF; Mary Cook on being someone who used to think she was a lesbian but now loves a man; Abe of Fagatron writes about shows the band played; fliers and zines from the early 90s queercore/riot grrrl scene in the UK; interview with Matt Wobensmith of OutPunk & Queer Corps by Angela of Agitprop; zine reviews; live show review of the Gossip. (S-24/$2) KCI C/O Hank, PO Box 3411, Tallahassee FL 32315-3411 queersfightharder {a} yahoo.com website: http://hosted.worldwidepunks.net/xerox_revolutionaries

Mutate Zine
A group of dykes get pissed at Blink 182 fans; working next to a cruisy men's room; "Size me up" poem by Joey Stevenson; "Homosapian II: Developing Queer Identity Out of '80's Pop Culture and Music"; interview with the Pirate Cheerleaders; shopping for porn with a librarian, with an analysis of the organization methods used by porn stores; a piece about Morrissey. (HS-32/free) Mutate Zine, 2935 N Fratney, Milwaukee, WI 53212 http://www.mutatezine.com milo {a} mutatezine.com

My Heroes Always Have Been Ponyboys
Zine by the former editor of the zine Noise Queen. Report on Toronto Pride; article on a Carter Family song and a Joan Jett song, both with a lesbian subtext; An article critical of U.S. foreign policy; reviews of books and records.
Tim Murphy, POB 28010, Bagot PO, Kingston, ON K7L 1A0, Canada.
web: http://www.geocities.com/ponyboyzine

Diaristic writing by Jeremy about him, his boyfriend Famous Blue Raincoat and their buddy Stuvey in adventures from Los Angeles to San Francisco, going out, drinking, and playing around.
(D-48/$4) Jeremy Lin, Loveland Studio, 3127B Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Other: the magazine for people who defy categories
News items, including items on Green Democrats, the North American Wife Carrying Championship, and rape and humiliation of transgender inmates; an article on ayahuasca, an Amazonian halluciogen which scientists have been imbibing; Iraq as tourist destination; science fiction writers David Gerrold, Cory Doctorow, Jeff Hecht, Susan Shwartz, and Nalo Hopkinson on the future of war; "Portuguese for Busy People"; A poem by Michelle Tea about her fucked-up relationship with America; "The New Other America: How We Define Poverty in an Affluent Nation" by Doug Henwood; art by Jennifer Linton; "Battle Hymns of the Impotent," an article about current war protest songs; "I am Bill's Butt" by Bill Brent; Marilyn Wann critiques novels about heroines losing weight; an article about Cubano sandwiches; a story by Charlie Anders about a marketing firm that creates a new ethnicity; "Five things I hate about NPR" by Annalee Newitz; comic by Gina Kamentsky about a transwoman seeking a valentine; article on 1970s horror movies. (S-52/$5) c/o IFUC, PMB #1523, 1850 Union, SF, CA 94123 http://www.othermag.org

The Passion Driven Project
An explanation of what the zine means by "queer positive"; A tribute to the band Kill the Man Who Questions, which Andrew of Limpwrist was also in; Homosexuality in hardcore; examples of songs about queerness; girls in hardcore; Open Door Books, which distributes books to prisoners; interview with the band Countdown to Putsch; the band Tastes Like Burning; "The Definition of Love" by Daryl Vocat; Ben Holtzman writes about a guy he finds attractive; interview with Chris Colohan of Left For Dead and The Swarm; Ninja Death Squad; reviews of records and zines; future plans. (D-64/$4, $5 in Europe) 382 Des Muguets, Ste-Theree, Quebec, J7E 5T4 Canada. passiondrivenproject {a} yahoo.ca

Persiflage: The official 'zine of Spectacularism!
Spring 2003, #1
"The Spectacularist Manifesto" by Alvin Orloff and Jennifer Blowdryer; "Dust", a poem by David West; "Paul Takes the Guise of a Mortal Girl," a story by Andrea Lawlor; "The September 11 Project" by Matthue Roth; "On Receiving a Wool Scarf with the Label 'Hand Woven by Norma Smyda'", a poem by Lenore Waters; "What Spectacularism Mean to Me" by Jennifer Blowdryer. (D-20/$2) c/o Dog-Eared Books, 900 Valencia St., SF, CA 94110

Queer Ramblings: for queer women & their many admirers
July 2003, Issue 33
Two lesbians clean their house together while grooving to a rousing Linda Eder version of "I Am What I Am"; comic: The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Lesbian at Sac State; a woman's dyke daddy lover makes her go out dressed in a leather trenchcoat and boots; article by radio producer Alicia Banks; "Welcome to Sunny Camp Trans" comic by Stacy Montgomery [her website is sheerchaos.org]; poems by moonreaper and Emily Duncan; a story about two women who met at a renfair by Nicolette Coer; an article about the rainbow flag; an erotic story titled "A night of lust"; Pre-Relationship Agreement Between Butches and Femmes. (S-64/$3, $16 for 12 issue subscription) Sandra R. Garcia, 392 14th St. #1A, Brooklyn, NY 11215. email: Sandy {a} QueerRamblings.com http://www.QueerRamblings.com

Rebel Fux
Mini collages of words and images. (M-16/free) 18 st. Ave #15, NY, NY 10009.

Resident Alien
Mini zine with two pieces: a piece about getting called a coconut ­ brown on the outside, white on the inside ­ for not knowing Spanish; and a piece about fucking a skinhead in a public restroom who wants to be talked to in Spanish. (M-16/$1 or trade) Ajc, 1810 Sealy, Galveston, TX 7750. minkeyking {a} aol.com [email doesn't work anymore. Zine can also be downloaded from http://www.qzap.org]

This is the place to go for getting in touch with the Radical Faerie community. This issue has a theme of Really Fabulous Dwellings. Memorial drawing of Harry Hay; an experience in log house construction; Ida Palooza; Yurts; pagan music review; Faeries of All Colors Together; remembrances, including of photographer Robert Giard; prison writing pages and prisoner penpal ads; contact letters. (S-52/back issues $7 ppd) PO Box 68, Liberty, TN 37095. http://www.rfdmag.org

Scrunge: the tom-a-hawk
A little hard to read since it's silver ink on red paper, but just hold it at the right angle. Brief notes on Radio K, the Triple Rock bar in Minneapolis, Madonna, the YWCA, and so on. (D-4/$1?) http://groups.msn.com/scrunge

R x D = [eros] x [ethnicity]
Marcus Rene Van piece called "Thoughts on Transcending Stone: The tale of one transgendered man and his journey to find sexuality in his new skin"; "Carnitas", a story by Ricardo A Bracho; "Contemplating Desire" by C. Renee Ray; "Brown Skin" by Natasha Tinsley; "In defense of performance art" by Guillermo Gómez-Peña; "Eros and Ethnicity" by Jason Alley; Gennifer M. Hirano, asianprincess; a full color art section; much more. (S-62) PO Box 192893, SF CA 94119. shellacmedia {a} earthlink.net

The last of Charlotte Cooper's story zines with one word titles. This one has a series of essays about songs liked and disliked. The series is now out of print but excerpts can be found at http://www.charlottecooper.net (T-2)

Steven's Comics:
Odds & Ends
Various comics by David Kelly, many about Steven, his kid character who imagines himself as Supergirl, in Oz, and so on. (HL-20) David Kelly, 1122 E. Pike St. #992, Seattle, WA 98122 davidlkelly {a} mindspring.com http://www.davidkellystudio.com

Sticky Fingers
Gay culture; queers + anarchism; bears + punks; gender, sexuality and machismo in Mexico; questioning HIV and AIDS; underage drinking in the street. ($1?) Ed Gravy, PO Box 2615, Olympia, WA 98507

Substance 1994-2002
Sherilyn Connelly writes about her experiences with various substances. (D-16) sherilyn {a} sfgoth.com

Absurdist documents from the 21st Century #1: Contents include a comic about an odd dream; poetry by Amy Squier and Kurt Lee; an encounter with Ashton Kutcher in 1997; more prose, poetry and comics. (D-36/$3, $4 Canada/Mexico, $5 international) Superfrida, 315 NE Buffalo, Portland, OR 97211.

Trade: Queer Things
Summer 2003:
Quarterly multisexual queer publication. Includes interview with writer Tamai Kobayashi; interview with Brother Love Canal; interview with Anna Camilleri and Chlöe Brushwood Rose of the book Brazen Femme; interview with tranny boy smut film maker Christopher Lee; interview with the band Skinjobs; book reviews; (S-32/$4) #302-135 Bleecker St., Toronto, ON M4X 1X2 Canada. http://www.tradequeerthings.com

Urban Farmers Almanac
Prairie Permaculture; Post Modern Heroes; queerspotting in the movie Fight Club; 2000 Flushes Pirate Radio; Soil Loss in the Society of the Spectacle. (S-20/Free) PO Box 14609, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Wanky Comics: Smutty Comics for the Modern Gay Man
Sexy comics featuring hairy, burly men. "My teenage obsession with Frankenstein's Monster"; a sci-fi story about a rebellious sex slave; Wood Weapon meets Brick Dick. (S-36) Bil Sherman, 3149 Pillsbury Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408 http://www.wankycomics.com

Wiener Society
This zine is produced by Neil, who is a prisoner and into punk. Includes an interview with Martin of Limpwrist and Reb from the zine Fanorama. There is also a lot of writing by Neil and people he corresponds with. (S-68/$3) 109 Arnold Ave, Cranston, RI 02905.

You and Me
#4, March 2002
Publication about sexuality and politics from Croatia written in English. Article about lab animals; Ten myths about Homosexuality; article on the global trafficking of women; the history and concept of sexology, discussing such as Magnus Hirschfeld; information about anarchism in Slovakia composed by members of PA-AKOP and a member of the Slovak section of CSAF; myths and facts about domestic violence; interview with stripper and performance artist Minx Grill; Golden-Brown: a personal account, from a female perspective of pissing and shitting for sexual pleasure; a lesbian fiction hot story; a review of a live art festival in Copenhagen including Franco B, Kira O'Reilly, Ron Athey; history of anarchism in ex-Yugoslavia; a sex-positive primer; a girl's guide to condoms; antimilitarism and feminism in Turkey; article about KAOS GL, a lesbian, gay, and transgender organization in Turkey which also publishes a magazine; getting started with G-spot play; sexual identity and gender identity glossary; article on studies about the roots of homophobia; masturbation is fun!; On gender and sexual orientation; a brief introduction to organic gardening; Body image and 'eating disorders'. (S-36/ $2, add $1 for airmail) Petricevic teo, PO Box 18, hr - 40315, m. sredisce, croatia, europe. sexisbeautiful {a} inet.hr

More zines I got in Portland & late:

I did a version of this list before going to the Zine Symposium in Portland, and here are zines I got there, plus what I got in the mail since putting the first edition together. Sorry I don¹t have time to give full summaries for everything now. Check my website later, or go ahead and contact people now.

Boy? or Girl?: Tranny boy zine. click_patterdale {a} yahoo.com

Drunk on Green Tea: http://www.malajudsted.net

Eaves of Ass: eavesofass {a} yahoo.com

Fagazine: c/o IPRC, 917 SW Oak St. #218, Portland, OR 97205. commiepinkofag {a} yahoo.com

Fatty Fatty 2x4: Social commentary by a queer fat chick: dynamicfatgirl {a} hotmail.com [Zine can also be downloaded from http://www.qzap.org]

Gurl Scout: scout123diy {a} yahoo.com

Intersex Critiques, Instigations from the Whore Revolution, A handbook on discussing the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival for trans activists and allies, and Disloyal to Feminism -- abuse of power & control within the domestic violence shelter system: four booklets of essays by Emi Koyama. PO Box 40570, Portland, OR 97240, emi {a} eminism.org http://www.eminism.org

Invincible Summer: comics zine. c/o Nicole G., Po Box 12763, Portland, OR 97212

one hundred hands: by kristy from australia - oneladywriter {a} yahoo.com.au

Transitioning Levels: Tranny boy zine. siege97132 {a} yahoo.com

Xtra Tuf: stories of working on commercial fishing boats. Moe, Po Box 6834, Portland, OR 97228

Vegan cookbook zine: qweirdo {a} hotmail.com

You Rock My World: In German and English--female hip hop, genderfuck and boygroups, Tribe 8 and more. stepupandbevocal {a} gmx.net Postfach 10 13 26, 28013 Bremen, Germany