Holytitclamps.com goes down the tubes

Holytitclamps.com has become yet another casualty of the dot com collapse.

A year ago, things looked great. We'd secured our first round of financing, I had a really nice desk, we were cying with PlanetOut to take over old-media gay property like The Advocate.

But now the bubble has burst. After a sad period of downsizing that culminated with a record-setting group hug in the parking lot, I'm the only employee left. We even had to sell off the foosball table -- not that there's anyone to play a game with anymore.

I have to produce all the content, maintain the server, and make coffee -- and I don't even drink the stuff myself. Since I can't sell advertising worth a damn, there's none on the website -- hey, maybe that was the problem with our business model all along!

Yeah, why did we ever think that a website based on non-mainstream homosexuality could ever be a success? That's targeting a niche of a niche market. You have to aim for the mainstream, for the least common denominator. I see the error of my ways now.


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