Your Sexual Resume

Welcome to our workshop on writing your sexual resume. When you leave today's calss, you'll have a resume that you can show to future potential sex partners so they can determine if they have a position for you.

Start with your name at the top of the page. That's important if you're seeking a long-term or permanent position. If you just want a temp job, you may not even need a resume -- just apply in person.

Include contact information -- an email address or phone number is usually sufficient. Voice mail numbers are frowned upon because they tend to indicate someone who's operating on the QT.

Indicate your educational experience -- whether, for instnace you minored in heterosexuality in college, or whether you had advanced placement as a homosexual in highschool.

List your past positions and length of time they lasted. People want to know about your level of sexual experience. Indicate your skills, and any special tasks you performed in the relationships. It is not necessary to indicate on the resume whether you left voluntarily or were fired, though you may be asked such questions in an interview, so be prepared.

And list any hobbies or interests you have -- often these can provide a topic of conversation, and they indicate that you have a life and aren't just a boring workaholic -- or sexaholic.

Of course, remember to network with your friends and ex-es. Using your resume, and honing your interview skills, you may have a new position very soon.


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