Queer Book Reviews from QZE #18

These are book reviews that appeared in Queer Zine Explosion #18, published in June, 2000. All reviews by Larry-bob. For more book reviews, see Book Reviews from QZE 15, Book Reviews from QZE 16, Book Reviews from QZE 17

Remember, buy your books and CDs from local independent stores, not evil corporate chains or on-line mega-stores. Local stores can do special orders and get your books for you in days. Also request your local public library purchase books and CDs you like.

Ratz Are Nice by Lawrence Ytzhak Braithwaite. This is the second novel by the author of Wigger. It focuses on a group of skinheads in Victoria, British Columbia, exploring themes of self-sufficency, comeradeship, and racial conflict. Braithwaite takes risks with language, bending the received rules to create a new written form. (Alyson Books)

Briefly Told Lives by C. Bard Cole. By way of disclaimer, I should mention that Iıve printed Bardıs writing in Holy Titclamps, and that Iım one of the people the book is dedicated to. This is a collection of short fiction about queer guys, illustrated by Bard. (St. Martinıs Press)

Teaching Through Trauma is the new comic collection starring bi-dyke Liliane, drawn by Leanne Franson. In this book (and book it is, with a spine and full-color cover) Leanne's character Liliane explores trying to get pregnant, the perils of phantom relationships, and the fun of wearing wigs. Plus a childhood memory of death-prone hamsters, and more. Published by Slab-O-Concrete.

Being Red is the new novelette by Heather Lynn, author of how i learned to do IT bloody murder. The chapbook form of her books recall early Kathy Acker (aka The Black Tarantula), the confessional content recalls Mary MacLane. In this novelette, a series of highschool girls die of eating disorders, a sort of serial crime with an amnesiac killer. The baffled detective of this mystery is the news media, which asks and fails to answer the question "why." email: heatherlynn79@hotmail.com. $4 to Heather Lynn, PO Box 7023, Grayslake, IL, 60030-7023.

Valencia by Michelle Tea. Michelle Teaıs second novel is set in San Francisco, and features the adventures of a romantically entagled set of punk dykes. Great fun. (Seal Press)

Christ-Like by Emanuel Xavier. Set in New Yorkıs world of House balls, this book follows a young manıs journey through the underworld, touching on drugs, violence, and santaria. (Painted Leaf Press)

Received but not yet read:

Pat Califia's new collection of erotic S/M fiction No Mercy. (Alyson Books)

Outline of My Lover by Douglas A Martin (Soft Skull Press)

Gutter Press sent me a copy of Derek McCormack's book Wish Book: A Catalogue of Stories. I've read his earlier book about growing up queer in the 50s, Dark Rides and I'm looking forward to reading this. It's illustrated by Ian of Pas de Chance

Rough Stuff: tales of gay men, sex, and power, edited by Simon Sheppard and M. Christian. (Alyson)

Tricks and Treats: Sex workers write about their clients, edited by Matt Bernstein Sycamore. (Harington Park Press)