Queer Zine Explosion 18

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This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #18, compiled in June 2000. This includes new zines since QZE #17, which was published in August 1999.

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The paper version of QZE also has book reviews and music reviews and a zine primer and a list of Non-queer-specific zine resources which can be found by following those links.

Zines with a "+" at the beginning of the description are ones that are reviewed for the first time in this Queer Zine Explosion.

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17 P.H.
Issue 1
+A fetish zine about male legs and feet. The text is in Italian, but the photos of men's feet require no translation.

$5/Lit. 6.000 (postage included) to 17 P.H. Box 443/A P.ZA San Babila 4/D 20122 Milano Italy 24 pages, digest

+ I picked this one up at the Creating Change conference: Able-Together magazine is a by and about disabled gay men. Contents include a piece about going to the gym; an article on disabled performers; an interview with writer Walt Itrich; a poem by Chris Hewitt; contact ads. The former editor of Able-Together, Bob Guter, is working on a new publication called Bent: A Journal of Cripgay Voices. Their webpage is at www.bentvoices.org. Contact mystory@bentvoices.com for more information.
Web Page: http://www.well.com/user/blaine/abletog.html
Able-Together, POB 460053, SF CA 94146
60 pages, digest

Agitart Postcards
+ Agitart sent me some holiday cards with a checklist for gathering at the holday table, including items like "stop uncle when he cracks a racist joke," and "speak up when nephew asks: 'how do lesbians have sex?," plus reminding folks about the meat industry and more. They also have postcards with political messages.
Web Page: http://www.agitart.org/

Issue 22
A new issue of Androzine, the french language zine that's the longest-running Queer zine. This 1999 issue is #22. Contents include a piece on rapper Cyryus, as well as other musicans; zine listings, including European zines that I've never heard about like the Belgian "Queerzazouzine"; a piece on the first Queeruption gathering in England; a paper entitled "Del' Alienation Del' Individual a la Revolution Sociale"; international news from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe; articles on art.
16 francs to B. Peuportier, BP 192, 75673 Paris Cedex 13 France
36 pages, standard

Issue 5
+ Angelbaby is a minizine from Angelina, the publisher of Moneyshot. Standing in need of a loan from the girl zone for an improvement in love life; a crush on a couple; how to make fun fur jeans; gaydar on the fritz; some wishes for how the gay community would be; goth pick up lines; and more fun short pieces. Another issue of Angelbaby is divided into two mini-booklets. Angelina is a very prolific writer. There's an amusing and insightful piece about four different brands of "different" people - the counterculture, the dramatics, the isolationists, and the traditionalists. There's an examination of three guys named Jason. A piece I can totally identify about always being five minutes late for work. Plus sleeping with an ex-girlfriend; the disasterous Woodstock '99, and much more. Now for the 2nd volume: "An open letter to the girl of my dreams"; hearing that a cheerleader type from highschool is now queer; fashion tips; zine reviews, and more.
Email: angelina331@angelfire.com
$1 per issue to Angelina Price, Po Box 3024, Fayetteville NC 28302-3024
24 pages, Mini

Issue 7
+ First off, I'm really blown away by a technical aspect of this zine's production - some of it is printed in silver ink and I just can't figure out how that was done. Looks like maybe each one is individually hand-written? There's a piece about leaving a part of oneself behind in New York; a second-person piece about being apart; feeling like a cliche; listening to hard rock radio; on the Greyhound in Bakersfield, CA; zinester pictures; Brooklyn word search; a friend leaving school; books to read; doing touristy things in the place where you live; an autobiographical comic; androgyny; zine reviews.
Email: arrowzine@aol.com
Lauren M. Fardig, 31 Union Square West #8b, NY NY 10003
40 pages, Mini

Artists and Models
Issue 1
+ This is the first in a series of "Men's Room Readers." It's a series of wordless drawings by Maurice Vellekoop of an artist painting two male models, who sprout erections, and a three-way ensues. Beautifully printed in three colors of ink.
Web Page: http://www.interlog.com/~ian/
Email: ian@interlog.com
$10 to pas de chance, PO Box 6704, Station A, Toronto Ont M5W 1X5 Canada
20 pages, digest

The Assassin and the Whiner
Issue 11-12
Carrie's comic zine is a diary of her life. In these issues she's covering 1999 when she was spending time on the east coast with a girlfriend, but things weren't exactly working out.
Email: asswhine@hotmail.com
$1 to Carrie, PO Box 481051, LA CA 90048
32 pages, digest

Atomic Comics
Issue 4
New issue of this queer superhero comic by Sina. In this issue, the heroes are recovering from their most recent adventure, and discussing various topics. Plus there's a comic called Zu featuring hunky humanoids by Bud.
£1/$2 to c/o Sina, 4 Moresby Ave., Berrylands, Surrey KT5 9DS UK
28 pages, Euro digest

Bang Bang
+ I got a copy of the French-language Anarcho-fairie zine Bang Bang. It has articles on Mumia's statement against anti-gay violence, La Croiseiére, a gathering of queer men, the Italian/French/Swiss Queer Liberation Front, Lesbian, gay, bi, and trans pride in Toulouse, and more. For a copy, contact bangbang1969@hotmail.com
Email: bangbang1969@hotmail.com

Batteries Not Included
vol 7 #5
This is a publication about pornography. This issue doesn't have much in the way of queer stuff, though. There's a memoir excerpt by a porn actor/director, a review of the book "Naked Libido" from Libido Magazine, a review of Jane Campion's film Holy Smoke, and more.
Email: bni@aol.com
$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman, 513 North Central Ave, Fairborn OH 45324
12 pages, standard

The Beautiful You
+ A zine with collages.
$2 + 2 33 cent stamsps to David Hunter, 1650 California St Apt #10, SF CA 94109

Being Red
+ Being Red is the new novelette by Heather Lynn, author of how i learned to do IT bloody murder. The chapbook form of her books recall early Kathy Acker (aka The Black Tarantula), the confessional content recalls Mary MacLane. In this novelette, a series of highschool girls die of eating disorders, a sort of serial crime with an amnesiac killer. The baffled detective of this mystery is the news media, which asks and fails to answer the question "why."
Email: heatherlynn79@hotmail.com
$4 to Heather Lynn, Po Box 7023, Grayslake IL 60030-7023

Bite Size
Issue 1
+ From the creator of Milky comes this zine. A flyer found on a telephone with a gay personal ad; a piece about a junky ex-boyfriend; interview with Russ Turk of Queer Boys comics; the creepy man in the neighborhood; I was a 1-900 phone line host; an interview with Captian Sensible; interview with pornographer Vidkid Timo; first time having sex with a guy; Charlotte Cooper deconstructs the Spice Girls; stupid stereotypes about Asian men; How I started my career as a stalker; interview with Alvin of Ugly Boy; reprint of a clipping about Spud Jones of Tongue Man; interview with a john; homoeroticism in mainstream media clippings; accolades for G.B. Jones.
email: milkyboy@earthlink.net
$3 to c/o de, 1419 31st Ave S #B, Seatle WA 98144
48 pages, half legal

Black Sheets
Issue 16
The "Dress Up" issue. Editor Bill Brent writes about his secret cotton fetish; story about ripping clothes off; "I want to be your girl" -- about crossdressing; "Tight Jeans" by Jill Nagle; cum-covered paperdolls; jockstraps; clothes and dominant women; plus more.
Web Page: http://www.blackbooks.com
Email: blacksheets@blackbooks.com
$6 U.S./$8 Canada /$10 elsewhere to The Black Book, Box 31155, SF CA 94131
52 pages, standard
Age statement required.

Boyd X
Issue 6
+ A zine that's a little hard to get a handle on. Apparently at one point Boyd, the editor, did a zine called Confessions of a Male Lesbian. There's essays (with footnotes even) referencing Nietzsche, Ginsberg, and even Bruce Benderson's Toward the New Degeneracy (was the Benderson among the assigned texts for Boyd's Cold War: Film and Fiction class?) And there's also a lot of found magazine pictures of female models.
Boyd X, POB 352135, Toledo OH 43635-2135
52 pages, standard

Boys Who Wear Glasses
Issue 6
This is the Fragments and Marginalia, part 2 issue. Mark summarizes what he's been up to since the last issue. Then there's a long section of diary issues, spiced with sketches in the margins. Then several multi-page prose pieces, about trips to Pittsburgh, commuting to teach a drawing class, history of a recurring semi-erotic dream, and celebrities Mark's been told he looks like.
Email: mhain@pafa.org
$2.50 to Mark Hain, PO Box 411, Swarthmore PA 19081
56 pages, digest

Can't Stop the World
+ Comic about working in a coffeeshop; glamour tips; traveling and wanting to go where the locals go, not tourist traps; true love always comic; fiction about a girl's best friend leaving town for summer vacation. Theresa's also in the band The Pill, who have a single out on Heartcore.
Theresa E. Motter, PO Box 829, Hampshire College, Amherst MA 01002-5001
20 pages, Mini

Celebrate the Self: The Magazine of Solo Sex
Jan/Feb 2000
The focus of the magazine is masturbation, especially as practiced by men. A retrospective on the past 50 years of sex, and predictions of the next ten years of sex (shades of Criswell!) "My weirdest J/O" story contest winners; readers' solo sex techniques; book and video reviews; feedback from readers about the issue they did with more photos of women than men.
Web Page: www.solosex.com
Email: factorpress@zebra.net
$4.50 to Factor Press, Box 8888, Mobile AL 36689
36 pages, standard

crimes against nature
+ Stuff on how posters for the zine were vandalized by homophobes; comic about Regina "queering"; a guy writes about dealing with standing up to homophobes in his church and community; an interview with MaxZine Weinstein on topics like the Radical Faeries, the Ida community, and the Eggplant Faerie players; Lesbian Avengers of Sarasota; and more.
Email: sjbp5106@oberlin.edu

Derogatory Reference
Issue 93
Arthur makes observations on various things, including Kansas' banning of the teaching of evolution, memories of people from the world of Science Fiction fanzines; a quote from a person you wouldn't expect to be anti-semetic; the irony of the Ayn Rand postage stamp; and more. Available via email.
Email: hlavaty@panix.com
$1/arranged trade to Arthur Hlavaty, 206 Valentine St., Yonkers NY 10704-1814
8 pages, standard

Diseased Pariah News
Issue 11
Contents include pieces on now-deceased co-editors Michael Botkin and Beowulf Thorne, an article on viatical companies; a reprint of an article by W. Wayne Karr of the zine "Infected Faggot Perspectives"; pharmacies that charge more for people without insurance; an article on CMV Retinitis; a piece about Jesus; drawing of The Well-Dressed AIDS Terrorist; the fine art of ralphing; Porn Potato views a British safe sex video; letters, including one from the guy who appeared in the Advera ads; fake ad for DPN lite. I'm not sure if it's still available from this address - you might try A Different Light Books.
Email: dpnmail@netcom.com [email no longer works]
$3/$5 Canada/$7 elsewhere to DPN c/o Men's Support Center, Box 30564, Oakland CA 94604
40 pages, half legal

Drop Dead: The Zine of Lesbian Battering
Issue 1
Top ten stupid comments by lesbians to survivors; packing a dick when going to court; writing on the body instead of cutting; post traumatic stress; signs of a battering personality. The editor is looking for writing by other survivors for future issues.
$2 to Drop Dead, Box 28733, Seattle WA 98118
20 pages, half legal

Issue 1
+ Charlotte of Kink has a new one of her big folded up one-pagers. This one's entitled Dumb, and is about the Millennium Dome, the world's fair type monstrosity recently built in London. Admission is overpriced at £20. People suggest different dome zones that ought to exist. There's observations of dads doing dad-like behavior, and more.
Email: beefergrrl@hotmail.com
Web: Charlottecooper.net
$1 to Dumb, 33 Romford Road, Stratford, London E15 4LY UK
2 pages, oversized

Issue 1
+ Brian finds inspiration in girl bands and filmmakers. There's a piece about feeling isolated and alone; an idea for a film about people who have been victimized; the Big Miss Moviola project; being obsessed with mail; more.
$1 to Brian B, POB 16351, St. Louis MO 63125
20 pages, digest

Issue 28
Not stated but implied, this issue seems to be all poetry by women, or translations of poetry by women by editor Donny Smith. Among the gems here are "After Sex-Reassignment Surgery" and a poem about buying hustler, playboy, and a cigar, for "full dyke effect." Plus a supplement about being a wiccan in prison.
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6982/
Email: dwanzine@hotmail.com
$2/free to prisoners to Donny Smith, Box 411, Swarthmore PA 19081-0411
44 pages, digest
Free to prisoners.

Explosions: Sex Radical Philosophy for Everyone
Issue 8-11
+ #8 has a critique of Ayn Rand, Dear Queer advice column, and a list of things that sustain illusions. #9 has pictures of U.S. Presidents with suggestions of their kinks. #10 has an article about queer Philadelphians taking to the streets; quotes from police officers who don't prosecute rapes. #11 has an interview with River Allen; reasons to create a pornographic slideshow.
Email: rocko9999@hotmail.com

Issue 1-2
+ Faggo is a new queer zine, with contributions by queer male guys. It's edited by Kim Kinakin of the band Sparkmarker. Issue 1 has contributions by lots of guys, including: a bit about the old gay porn mag In Touch, which used to do stuff on punk when it was edited by Jim Yousling (see www.theoretical.com for more info), and here is reprinted a Henry Rollins interview from In Touch; a story called "George Washington" by Travis Jeppesen (see QZE 17 for info on his story "My Dead Face"); interview with Paul from Bread + Circuits (which I guess is a band); story by Rufus Poser (see info about his zine Poser below) about hanging out with a straight punk he met at a gay bar; article on Rob Halford; article by Sean Capone of the zine Positron with some thoughts on Matthew Shepard; article on David Wojnarowicz; going to Disneyland with Pansy Division; Sascha from Heartcore Records writes about his record label and being queer in Germany; a trip to New York reveals what a small world it is, as people like Bruce LaBruce turn up; plus many more contributors and pieces. Issue 2: Larry-bob on fags; Peter Bird on chiffon as an alternative to leather; Chris Vandebrooke talks about queers in indie rock and more; a guy writes "I demand that my first time actually be meaningful"; Bruce LaBruce interviews the late Jim Yousling of In Touch; a couple pieces with text and graphics by Ted Young-Ing; Jon Ginoli on being over punk; essay on Boyd McDonald of straight to hell by Rebecca Levi; Marx Save the Queens by Tim of Noise Queen; fag at the punk show by Rufus Poser; "taking the piss"; Limpwrist interviewed by Sean Capone; Sascha writes about his father's death; Daryl Vocat writes about his relationship with a man in an open relationship; "I still hate Cher" by Blain; "No more secrets & no more lies"; Panty Raid's Seth Bogart talks to Grant Lawrence; faggot hater online chats; "Jesse" by Dag; Mitch Fury recounts a conversation with a guy in a cruising park.
Email: faggo@hotmail.com
$4 to Faggo, #104 -1314 Broughton St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2B7 Canada
40 pages, standard

Issue 19
A whirlwind roadtrip across the U.S. provides the completion impetus for this issue and the photo for the color cover picture of editor REB's friend Collin aiming a super-8 camera at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Contents include an old article on nudism re-appropraited to refer to the faeries; Cyrus comics by Sina; an excerpt from REB's "The Boy with the Invisible Heart"; "Shy guy" nude photos (but he won't show his face...; letters from readers; creating a labyrinth; commentary on AIDS infections stopping their decline; poetry; a eulogy to Beowulf Thorne of Diseased Pariah News; a quote from The Faggots and their Friends Between Revolutions.
$5 to c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue, Cranston RI 02905
48 pages, half legal
Free to prisoners.

Issue 42
A lengthy review of a Jazz Butcher show, and a short review of a disappointing Jonathan Richman show. Plus this issue includes a list of best albums of the 90s, puncuated with a question mark.
Email: rdwos@hotmail.com
stamps to C.A. Schneck, 920 Vine St Apt 1, Lansing MI 48912
6 pages, standard

Film Bitch
+ Film zine Film Bitch #3 is a queer theme issue ; there's an examination of GLAAD's wacky ballot for best gay films of the century; interview with Richard Glatzer, director of Grief, which starred Craig Chester and Jackie Beat; two guys write about how movies and TV affected their coming-out process; movie etiquette; Mark Hain of the zine Boys Who Wear Glasses writes about Frankenstein director James Whale; filmographies for out stars Anne Heche, Rupert Everett and Ian McKellen; upcoming queer cinema; plus more movie stuff. Excellent film zine, though a little Hollywood oriented; see also Bright Lights for more of a scholarly approach and Femme Flicke for an indie women angle.
Nat Roger, PO Box 2128, NY NY 10009
44 pages, digest

Flying Buttress
+ A zine by John Sanchez, who used to do "I wrote a letter" (a series of letters to corporations about how their product has improved the writer's homosexual lifestyle) and various other zine projects. There's a big ol' interview with Billy Miller of sex-zine Straight to Hell; making fun of publicity photos; stories of revenge; "Journey: Gay?"; lumps on the testes; pix from a BlairMag.Com party; meals; and more. Laughs out loud are guaranteed by me.
Email: johnsanchez@earthlink.net
John Sanchez, PO Box 150663, Brooklyn NY 11215
36 pages, digest

Flying Lesson
Issue 4
+ A zine from Ali of the band The Sissies. Writings about a communal house, story of meeting a friend for the first time, secret locations in Bloomington, being a piano player, love, "life is not a beauty contest," people's assumptions than an ex is a straight girl, an experience in which a childhood friend was raped, dealing with jobs and doctors, and more.
$1/trade to Flying Lesson, POB 954, Bloomington IN 47402
28 pages, digest

Girl Cult: Girlkulturzine
vol 3 #1
Comix by Rachael House; an erotic story about a man and a woman stuck in an elevator; answer to the question "How does a girl stash some emergency cash when naked or nearly so?"; prospective essay topics for the employed; makeup tips; a woman finds a connection with her dead father by looking at books he owned; "Dear Amy" comix. Don't put "Girl Cult" on the envelope.
$2 to Joan Brennan, 48 Craig St., London N6C 1E8 Canada
32 pages, half legal

Issue 14
Lana Turner revelations; a trip to Milan, including meeting Anna Piaggi and a visit to a tranny bar; the wit and wisdom of Malibu Stacy; people and items who frequently appear in Mona's scrapbooks (even the embarassing ones); Nancy Sinatra; a manifesto about drag; a news clipping about students backing a kid suspended for wearing dresses.
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/3355/
Email: mona@thebeefer.demon.co.uk
$1 to Mona, 33 Romford Rd, Stratford, London E15 4LY UK
2 pages, Irregular

Issue 1
+ Weird, man. The "nasty hippy fag" hypnotizes you, and you find yourself reading comics about "cute punk" encountering a park full of homo zombies. It's all very trippy and strange. Also available (for £3) is the more hard-core "Yep! Yep! Yep!" comics. "Cute punk" makes another appearance, and there's also drawings inspired by ancient floppy-haired chicken porn. Also available is "a gasp, a glitch and a halting gait," also £3 - see last QZE.
Web Page: http://www.letmefeelyourfingerfirst.com
Email: lmfyff@hotmail.com

32 pages, comic book

Homopunk World
Issue 2
The zine is done by cartoonist Anonymous Boy. This issue features an extensive and exhaustive interview with G.B. Jones, who was co-editor of JDs, a member of the band Fifth Column, and is a filmmaker of such works as the Yo-yo Gang. Plus a page on homopunk pioneer Faebhean Kwest of the Raped; interview with cartoonist Abby Denson; interview with Joe Butcher of Ludichrist; another candidate for the most homophobic punk record; interview with Rick, who put out Stop Homophobia 2 on Turkey Baster Records; letter from Chris Freeman of Pansy Division. Plus also available is collection #7 of Anonymous Boy's comics, including besides his usual naked guys, dykes!
Tony Arena, PO Box 1502, Old Chelsea Stn NY NY 10011
34 pages, standard

Hormone Frenzy
Issue 3.5
See Red Hanky Panky - current issue is a split zine.
Email: markconnorton@hotmail.com
$1/50p/swap to Mark C., Box 361, Cambridge CB1 2BZ UK
24 pages, Euro digest

House Organ
Issue 30
There's a long piece by Hugh Fox reminiscing about Bukowski and Harry Smith, among others; a dream by Fielding Dawson about Robert Motherwell; poetry by various people. The focus is on a beat and post-beat area which does by no means stick to the major figures but delves into the more rarified. A succinct education.
$1 to Kenneth Anthony Warren, 1250 Belle Avenue, Lakewood OH 44107
20 pages, half standard

+ A zine about going to Japan, plus a side trip to Korea. Lots of stuff about cultural differences, from bathrooms to pizza to laundry day. It's bound backwards like a Japanese magazine.
$1/$2 int'l/trades/free to prisoners to Cherry Thomas, PO Box 22, W. Townsend MA 01474
20 pages, digest

I See Gays
+ I See Gays is a document of C. Bard Cole's reading series at the Lower East Side bar sometimes known as I.C. Guys. The contributors to the zine are Travis Jeppesen, Emanuel Xavier, Brian Sloan, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Aldo Alvarez, Aaron Jason, C. Bard Cole, Matt Bernstein Sycamore, and Robert Kirby. Check Bard's web page for more info.
Web Page: http://home.earthlink.net/~cbardcole
Email: cbardcole@earthlink.net

I Was a Teenage Girl Army
+ Caitlin's the editor, and the zine focuses on music and feminism. Article by a guy about his sexist dad; Caitlin writes about the male-centered world of the firstpunk show she went to; an interview with Kaia and Tammy Rae Carland of Mr. Lady Records and Video; article by Sarah about steps towards healing; facts about the Taliban, the very sexist fundamentalist Islamic group that runs Afghanistan; crushes on rock stars like Ben Lee; article about experiences with verbal harassment.
$1 to Caitlin, 6915 Shamrock Dr., Little Rock AR 72205
24 pages, digest

King of the Fairies
Issue 10
The tenth issue of King of the Fairies, the Ashley Macisaac fanzine, has lots of goodies, not the least of which is an official 100% cotton King of the Fairies Come Rag. In this issue, our editor Glendon visits Toronto's lesbian and gay pride day and has a bathroom assignation with a skinhead. There's a transcript of Muchmusic's pride day broadcast interview with Ashley; an article on what the kids are listening to in Blighty (slang for England); concert review of Ashley; interview with writer Derek McCormack, author of Dark Rides, Wish Book, and Halloween Suite; Glendon's diaries of his trip to England -- not some dry record of events, but a deeply emotional recording of interpersonal moments.
$3 to Glendon McKinney, 91 Sackville St, Toronto Ont M5A 3E6 Canada
56 pages, digest

Issue 1
+ Thinking back to a girl crush at age 11; at a cafe with a woman who's crazy at the next table; asking people what's the first word they can think of; a veggie Japanese spinach recipe, and a vegan strawberry drink; Wal-Mart facts; gender rules; meat production facts; zine and music reviews; plus collages and photos.
Email: clairvoyant@bust.com
Lash, 600 S. Dearborn #1116, Chicago IL 60605
32 pages, digest

Leeking Ink
Issue 21
+ Piece about a road trip, including running into a guy in a bookstore who comments on Davida's browsing of the queer books in the "Social Sciences" section; journal entries; getting covered by bugs on a nature trip; don't go to work in a hurricane; going to Small Press Expo; living life as a vegetarian. See also Davida's zine about zines, Xerox Debt.
Email: leekinginc@hotmail.com
$2 to Davida Gypsy Breier, PO Box 963, Havre de Grace MD 21078

Issue 1
+ Making up bizarre rumors; first grade experience of getting told not to read books for older kids (I had a similar experience); "just call me hairy"; Frida Kahlo's accident; coming out to a friend from junior highschool who called out of the blue; lemonade recipe (of course!).
Email: kellygirl@bust.com
$1 to Kelly Lindsay, PO Box 25812, Fayetteville NC 28314
20 pages, digest

loves the man
+ loves the man is a zine of a bunch of handwritten thoughts with drawings, from a queer male perspective. It tends to be first-person and I can't do it justice by summarizing. There's a piece called "Stonewall was a brand name not a riot" which critiques the focus on Stonewall. There's also a nice full-color poster with the words "don't be a part of the lack of interesting queer culture. speak for/about yourself."
Email: pbandjayr@aol.com

36 pages, digest

Issue 2
A collection of essays with a political focus. Articles on name reporting of people testing positive for HIV in New York; an article by a woman from the Philippines about Claire Danes' comments about the country, which resulted in her movie "Brokedown Palace" being banned; arguments against gay marriage; seeing Boys Don't Cry with a group of queer and trans youth, and problems with the film; low-power radio; Gov. Pataki calling for an end to parole in New York; gays and lesbians, race, and sexual desire; a temp work anecdote; several pieces on stopping resegregation in the UCLA law school; thoughts provoked by seeing drag kings of color on a talk show; a response to a review of "Bombay the Hard Way."
Web page: www.makezine.org
Email: cwillse@hotmail.com
$1? to craig, pobox #321855, fort washington po, new york, ny 10032.

Metropolitan Life
Issue 1
+ What I've learned so far; the sound of gunshots; the country's obsession with color; city stimuli; mary, mary, radical faery; i am...; being one of the only womyn on the subway; holding hands with a girl in the street for the first time; a protest by the Metropolitan Gender Network of a Village Voice article about a transsexual man; seventh grade sex ed; more writing and collage.
Email: metrozine@hotmail.com
$1/trade to Metropolitan Life, 23489 Timmus Lane, Los Gatos CA 95033
32 pages, digest

Miracles of the Flesh
+ A collection of short prose pieces by Hank Hyena (who's straight, by the way.) There's a story about being the main vegetarian cook for a student co-op in Euguene, Oregon; a story about being in a band; a story about going home for Christmas and finding an embarassing old videotape; and more.
Hank Hyena, 77 Dorland St, San Francisco CA 94110

Mohawk Beaver
Issue 6,7,8
Three new issues of Denmark-based but English-language queer women's zine Mohawk Beaver. #6 has an editorial where Gritt wishes more people would do gender-fuck like the male belly-dancer in drag she saw at a restaurant; advice to female artists; the problem with women's magazines; drag king centerfold; thoughts on the closet and maybe how it's not so bad; short prose pieces, reviews, and, asusual, great art. #7 has an editorial about talking pussies; Miss Mohawk Beaver directs a porn film; speech for the Women'sInternational Fight Day; photos of drag queen Ramona M. out in the daytime; seeking out and enjoying the company of other women; two drag kings infiltrate a gay bar on Fire Island; Nick Zedd writes about spending the night in jail in New York for jumping a turnstile; being in a shoplifting girl gang at summer camp; Hamburgers are Dead Cows: an article on veganism; a call for help for Annie Sprinkle, whose home burned. #8 has thoughts about menstruation and the words that are used for it; a travel diary of a trip to Egypt; two girls pick up a guy for a three-way, and his fantasies are challenged; poetry by Nick Zedd; Marcus Hitt writes about being a woman and being a drag king; the Coney Island sideshow; a gay punk rocker and a metalhead have a musical debate; reports of sexist experiences, threats, and assault.
Web Page: http://www.freespeech.org/mohawkbeaver/
$3/£2/Dkkr20/5 Dm to Mohawk Beaver, Poste Restante Nørrebro Postkontor, Copenhagen N DK-2200 Denmark
36 pages, digest

Issue 9, 11
+ Big zine from Angelina, with lots of fantastic content. Before I launch into the full description of issue 9, just let me mention that the piece on being a goth of color was, I believe the first time that I'd seen this topic discussed in a zine, and about time! The contents include a piece in defense of Pandora; famous borderline personalities from cinema; beauty tips; a narrative about a woman who gets a crush on her counselor in a program; reactions to Tori Amos: drama queendom; admitting to liking country; a piece about weight; Anelina picks apart her friend Kim's lifestyle; profile of Theresa of Go Teen Go; domestic violence; a love-life lament about not finding the right princess; Wal-mart at two a.m.; fiction about going to a friend's funeral; a journal entry from 1991; a paper comparing two James Bond themes; a piece about a friend who died of a heroin overdose, and also Gia; Black Bat: Confessions of a black goth; What's Rose McGowen ever done to you?; going bowling with Carrie the stripper; one size doesn't fit anyone; and that's not even absolutely everything. Such a deal! Also available from Angelina is the mini-zine Pinkbubble Zine ($1). It's got: Stuff on Y2K; girls who wear glasses; people who don't mind their own business about other people's weight; the disappearance of privacy; life as a manic depressive; memories of Rocky Horror days; concentrating more on developing friendships rather than getting needs met sexually, and a friendship with a woman named Jill; thoughts on one-night stands; plus more. Issue 11 has pieces on still being outspoken on sizeism despite having lost weight; hair extensions; zen and the art of self-love; thoughts on finding oneself as a lesbian and more; pelvic exams; the brat pack; big girl deals and steals; debunking hair myths; a conversation with hannah funk; interview with a domanatrix, plus much more. See also Angelbaby.
Email: angelina331@angelfire.com
$2 to Angelina Price, PO Box 3024, Fayetteville NC 28302-3024
36 pages, standard

Issue 3
+ It's got an interview with Pansy Division, coming out, a poem about gender by binarygirl, being a late bloomer, the Gap, binarygirl on losing her mother at an early age and growning up transgendered.
Web Page: http://www.milosworld.com
Email: miloboy@execpc.com
free to
24 pages, half standard

New Pink Schicks
+ Includes an article about smoking, both on the personal level of having a father who died of it, and on a broader societal level; an article about Sadie Benning which brings up the issue of accesibility of her videos to young women who aren't rich; interview with Madigan; the dangers of tampons; comics about worrying about coming out to mom and other topics; article on class issues.
Email: meeow@chickmail.com

56 pages, digest

Noise Queen
Issue 20-21
Issue 20 has haiku for Patti Smith, Nico, and Joan Jett; a poem about being seperated from love, using Greek myth as metaphor; in-depth reviews of zines, books, and records (unlike the brief mentions I'm prone to); a rant about the increasing authoritarianism of society; a review of the early G.B. Jones film Troublemakers, which is available on video from G.B.; a review of the video Judgement Day by Diamanda Galas; a comparison of Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield. #21 has a piece about General Pinochet; a history of women in rock; plus in-depth reviews and lots of drawings by Arne, including leather-clad Pokemon and a spoof ad that puts the "Sub" back in "Subway."
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/noisequeenzine
Email: noise_queen@hotmail.com
$2 to Tim Murphy, 238 Glen Castle Road, Kingston Ont K7M 4N8 Canada
28 pages, standard

Oh Boy
+ Oh Boy was one of the zines I picked up at Queeruption in New York (so was Flying Buttress). This one has a lot of writing on personal topics, like having had to deal with overly agressive guys as a teenage girl; an open letter to another woman - "I don't like how I feel stuck in a box labeled "straight girl" when I am with you... I always thought it would be easier for me to be open with someone else who is queer... But instead I feel like you take me at face value."
Barbie, 76 E 1st St #1B, NY NY 10009
48 pages, Mini

Pear Shaped Boy
Issue 1
+ Hilarious and thought-provoking comix by Jason Elvis Barker. Starting off is one about how Jason is a bloke now and is to be called Jason, not Julie; Charlotte Cooper as the Beefer tries to join a biker gang; Jason gets a test of being a real man; sorting all mass produced items in the whole world into bins; a boy with a "no girls allowed" sign on his clubhouse has a run-in with a girl gang; plus more.
Email: jasonelvis@btinternet.com
£1/$2/trade to Jason, 40 Marie Lloyd House, Murray Grove, Hoxton, London N1 7PU UK
16 pages, standard

I got a batch of five small publications from Joe Pop - one on being a childhood of being a fan of Slade and other glam music, one on seeing a Pete Burns performance, a retrospective on the Runaways, a piece about being in New York, and reflections on trying on different identities. Joe may not have those particular pieces in print, but write him and he'll send some interesting stuff.
Email: joepopmag@hotmail.com
$1/trade/request to Joe, c/o BCM 5524, London WC1 3XX UK
2 pages, tabloid

Issue 1-2
+ Issue 1: The intro explains the title: how new entries into the punk or gay scenes are looked down upon, and how trying on different subcultures through posing is actually a good thing. Also in the issue: thoughts on queer space; comic about piercings as memory jog; working at the Pleasure Chest sex shoppe; a six-year old draws a picture of Bill and Monica having sex; fantasy and reality in sex with and without latex; piece about going to the fag bar after the punk bar; review of a porn website. Issue 2 has a great interview with an offbeat male stripper from the Dufferin Hotel, plus origami porn house, comic about trying to chat up a straight-edger, and more.
Email: rufusposer@hotmail.com
$2 or trade to Poser, PO Box 1457, Bentall Centre, Vancouver BC V6C 2P7 Canada
40 pages, standard

Pride Center News
+ Newsletter from the Pride Center of New Jersey. They have a website at www.pridecenter.org.

Put the Past Away
Issue 3
+ Includes a poem about someone's grandma; thoughts on beauty standards; Christians bad and good, Courtney Love; the double standard by which the Donnas are called a Ramones rip-off but many other punk bands aren't; racism; a poem by Kim from Teenage Death Songs zine; suggestions for helping yourself during depression; meaningful lyrics.
Chris, Po Box 5683, Evansville IN 47716
8 pages, digest

Queer and Now
+ This is a call for submissions for sotries, poems, essays, manifestos, comics, etc about coming out etc. Get in touch with Mary for full information.
Email: marymuff@hotmail.com
Mary Muff, 266 Olean St, Worcester MA 01602

The Quiet One
Issue 2-3
+ Still focused on movies, issue 2 points out more art/indie films than the first issue. A photo of Lorca and Dali with a ransom-note caption saying they both agree Tucson sucks; Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon; Kafka answers letters; Gamera: cooler than Godzilla; horror movie reviews; presidential candidates try to be hip; The Bicycle Thief as a film about what it means to be a man; an interpretation of Darth Vader as being gay; Passolini's El Decameron. Issue 3 has a review of Being John Malkovich that reads like it was written by Criswell, Magnolia, Gumby Christ comic, movies to get rid of annoying boy- and girlfriends, Ayn Rand advice column, how babies are made homo.
Permanent Press, 1150 E 8th St #310, Tucson AZ 85719
24 pages, digest

This little art book with poems by Elissa Joy has three doll eyes staring through holes drilled in the pages, and a boy-fairy on the cover with a dress made of actual fabric.
Web Page: http://www.interlog.com/~ian/
Email: ian@interlog.com
$5.95 to Pas de chance, Box 6704, Station "A", Toronto Ontario M5W 1X5 Canada
40 pages, digest

Rainbo Ghetto
Issue 6
+ Another issue of this strange little collection of collages and text.
stamp/trade to Silent Psychic, 111 Broadway Suite 133-183, Boise ID 83702
24 pages, Mini

Red Hanky Panky
Issue 7
A split, flip-over zine with Hormone Frenzy #3.5. Rachael's side, Red Hanky Panky, features her comics, plus guest comics from Jewels and and Ruth Muffmonster. Rachael's comics include one on alternative gay games, including queer sumo; guys on the street yell at Jo that his girlfriend's bisexual, which is actually true; depression affirmations; and much more. Mark's half of the zine, Hormone Frenzy, includes an analysis of the differences between the British and American queercore and DIY scenes; a salute to Hong Kong gender-bending movie star Brigitte Lin; Henry Rollins' film career; comic about using bronzer as lube; an article on how the straight pickup bar scene is just as sad as the gay one, and counseling a straight co-worker who thinks he's HIV+; guest comix from TerryFagboy, Craig of God is my Co-Pilot, and Andy Roberts.
Email: redhankypanky@btinternet.com
$3/£1.50 plus postage to Rachel House, 7 Old School Buildings, St. Clements Yard, Archdale Rd, London SE22 9HP UK
36 pages, digest

RFD: A Country Journal For Queer Folk
Issue 100
Plenty of info as always on Radical Faerie gatherings. Plus a ritual of the Loosing of Fenris; drag king photos by Chloe Atkins; Nomenus, the Wolf Creek faerie sanctuary; a celebration of James Broughton; prisoner pen pal ads, contact letters, and more.
Web Page: www.rfdmag.org
$6.50 to RFD, Box 68, Liberty TN 37095
76 pages, standard

Issue 5-5
Issue 5 includes interviews with the bands Rizzo, Third Grade Teacher, Peel, El Vez, Cadallaca, and Dance Hall Crashers. Rudy usually makes sure to ask the bands about their feelings about homophobia. Plus this issue has pieces on the Scutter record release party, Vaginal Davis' Club Sucker 4 year anniversary; Rudy sees Bis shows all over California; guy's underwear pictures; starbright Girl and Boy of the issue; a piece on getting dumped by a boyfriend. Issue 67, the "body and beauty" issue, has interviews with Lamb, Bruce La Bruce, Cecil Seaskull, Rose Mcgowan, and the Dance Hall Crashers, plus pieces on gay partner abuse, the pressure to lose weight in the gay community, inspirational people, and Rudy's mother having a heart attack, plus comix by Sina.
Email: scutterzine@aol.com
$3/trade to Rudy, PO Box 3247, Alhambra CA 91803
44 pages, standard

Seemingly So
Issue 2
+ An essay on dykedom; thoughts on being Asian and having not fit in with other Asians in highschool; envisioning an alternative to the publishing industry; Linda writes about her housemates; plus poetry and more.
$1+2 stamps to Linda Oh, 2246 N. Magnolia, Coach House, Chicago IL 60614
40 pages, digest

Shag Stamp
Issue 8
+ The pleasures of eating; sexual harassment; losing things; working as a pub cleaner; looking for a Submission Hold show in Germany; "Houses I lived in once"; changes in New York; goodbye to Berlin; a long piece about a relationship with a guy; the disappearance of squats; Greek ladies with big eye makeup; review of Catherine Breillat's film Romance; getting tattooed; while doing erotic dancing in Greece, talking to a former dancer who turned Christian.
Email: janeminx@yahoo.com
Jane, S. Stamp, C/O Mohawk Beaver Poste Restante, Norrebro Postkontor, 2200 Kobenhavn N Danmark

Sheet Worrier
Issue 1
+ A huge fold-up one-pager collaboration between Rachael and Ruth Muffmonster. (Ruth's email: muffmonster@hotmail.com) The cover has a hilarious old porn photo of a naked woman with piled-up hair eating a sheet. Contents incluede The Lovely Lovely Sheetworrier Manifesto; lesbian dildo hell comic; review of a Dean Friedman concert; comic by Ruth about the time Rachael saved her from a spider; Rachael and Ruth give each other's zines scathingly negative reviews.
Email: redhankypanky@btinternet.com
postage/trade to Rachel House, 7 Old School Buildings, St. Clements Yard, Archdale Rd, London SE22 9HP UK
2 pages, tabloid

Issue 10-13
+ Nicely offset printed, full of photos, and excellently designed, this square-shaped queer art/lit mag demands your attention. Issue 10 has an on the road theme; 11/13 is a split issue of fuck the right and the right to fuck, with stuff about a Jewish woman cannonized by the Catholic church, confessions of a queer catholic schoolboy, a humor piece about a game show called "Can You Top This?", childhood masturbation to Bugs Bunny, the Adventures of Tommy the Dildo, and poetry; #12 has a great story by Craig Laurance Gidney about a sexually repressed highschool boy with a fixation on Lena Horne, a letter about a guy's various attempts at romance, and more.
Web Page: http://www.spoonfedamerika.com
Email: spoonfedamerika@aol.com
No current snail mail address.
28 pages, digest

Issue 6
A folded one-pager with an essay about the state of the independent creative folks known as "zinesters." Plus she's doing a time capsule project to be buried in a national park, so send her your zines for that.
$2 to Spunk, PO Box 55336, Hayward CA 94545
2 pages, standard

Storytime with Ms. Thang
+ A collection of writing by San Franciscan Brian Whitty. There's a story about being the main vegetarian cook for a student co-op in Euguene, Oregon; a story about being in a band; a story about going home for Christmas and finding an embarassing old videotape; and more.
Email: briandear@hotmail.com [email no longer works]

Strap Yerself In
Issue 2
+ Has a lot of stuff about a queer kid traveling on road trips, including bike travel in Florida, and hitch-hiking around the western U.S. Sam is also starting a bookstore in Bloomington, so get in touch if you'd like your zine sold there.
Sam, Po Box 954, Bloomington IN 47402-0954
40 pages, digest

Issue 1
+ This is a zine by and about trannyboys. Lots of fun drawings and comics, plus plenty of writing. Tips for finding other FTMs and transpeople; coming out boy-style at IML; single-person non-gendered bathrooms rule; odes to pee and boy on boy transfaggotry; politics and identity; Roosters makin' love -- good things about sex with other T-Boyz; the cycle of getting beat down by the world; thoughts on testosterone injections; Max speaks on a panel about women-born-women policies; comic about the life and times of a houseboy; an essay comparing hopping trains to taking testosterone; "Why do you need to out me?"; the T in GLBT.
$1+3 stamps to Max Parrish, 2246 N. Magnolia, Coach House, Chicago IL 60614
40 pages, standard

Teenage Death Songs/TBFTGOG5
Issue 17
Another split issue. The T.D.S. side of the zine has a story called "The Third Thing That Killed My Father Off"; poetry; a story called "Angelfuck" that starts off "I remember the first time I heard the Misfits"; and more. The other side, TBFTGOG is done by Matt, and has stuff like a piece that starts "Dennis Cooper would want my ass"; a piece about being obsessed with a guy's picture from a magazine; plus more prose pieces. You know, I don't see writing this great in zines very often. To write directly to Matt, it's jmatt@xmulletx.com or 41 W 9th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201.
$1, stamps, trade or letter to Teenage Death Songs/TBFTGOG5, PO Box 5664, Richmond VA 23220
40 pages, half legal

Terminal Illusion
+ A collection of three stories by Travis Jeppesen, with illustrations by C. Bard Cole. "Birthright" contains a paragraph a page of exact, poetic, precise writing about teenage memories. "Family, or Bleeding Days" is more surreal, and the drawings mutate into computer-aided collage. "The Suiciders" gives more surrealism, this time in the context of a web of friends/fuckers. For information, email travisjeppesen@hotmail.com or cbardcole@earthlink.net

64 pages, half legal

The Turd-Filled Donut
Issue 5, August 1999
+ This is the zine that's famous for interviewing San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, and getting a quote that "you are better off being poverty-stricken where the cost of living is not so great." This issue includes a Turd Caen column with gossip of the down and out; a piece about a gay off-duty police paid to harass the homeless in the Castro that includes the great line "sometimes Hate wears leather ass-less pants"; a report on police officers who issue the most "quality of life" citations; a talk with the TV reporter who made it more difficult to get a letter of 15-day residency; a survivor writes about the fire at the Thor Hotel; 6th St. treasure hunt for beer, uncredited but clearly drawn by Greta of Mudflap; a talk with a researcher at the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society about a tranny riot on Turk St. in San Francisco in 1966, three years before Stonewall, plus info aobut the Lavender Panthers; workfare workers exposed to hazardous chemicals; crashing the Chinese New Year Parade.
send stamp and ask price to The Turd-Filled Donut, PO Box 40272, SF CA 94140

Ugly Earth
Issue 1
+ This zine is done by Terry, who you may know from the zine Muffmonsters on Prozac. Amazing interview subjects, and plenty of fun and laughs. 10 steps to a better life, including eating garlic and playing the Residents at parties; Rachel House's sex fantasies about TV presenter Ferm Britten; interview with Chris and Cosey; comics, including one based on a dream; gay sign language; interviews with guys who went to English boarding schools, including the question of whether they got it on at school; sexual fantasies about Eminem; interview with David Grubbs; interview with porn star Jim Buck; interview with Lisa Suckdog; sharks; a comic about a Morrissey concert; interview with Craig Conlan, who does Scary Mary comics; London vs. other places to live. Issue 2 is supposed to be available now.
Email: millimetre@hotmail.com
Ugly Earth, 12 Oakdale Court, Fortnam Road, London N19 3NT UK

undisclosed recipients
+ An interview with Diana Courvant, transexual activist and director of the Survivor Project, a Portland, Oregon group addressing domestic violence specific to trans and intersex survivors; interview with an anonymous member of Boy With Arms Akimbo, an early 90s postering group, also discussing Bad Cop/No Donut; an article about being on one of those college gay/lesbian peer education panels, and problems with them; searching for a dean at Oberlin; interview with Susan Raffo, editor of Queerly Classed.
Email: undisclosedr@hotmail.com

untitled pamphlet
+ A pamphlet about the corruption of scripture, which mentions among other things "Years ago, there were many indications/ accusations that early Christianity started out as an "orgy cult" directed originally by their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Much of the piece is based on etymology.
Anonymous, PO Box 4035, Olathe KS 66063-4035
8 pages, standard

The Urban Hermit
Issue 6-7
Andre, who created the zine "Too many bisexual rockstars and not enough lesbian hip hop artists," Included in issue 6, some more thoughts on performing as a lesbian freestyler. Plus travels to Detroit, which has a lot of dots painted on it, and San Francisco. #7 has a piece about a road trip including a close encounter with a piss-bottle; countering police appreciation day; Brooklyn - double-bagged groceries and freaky skinny gurls; freemasons; pickup lines overheard at a Lee Scratch Perry concert; people who just don't get the meaning of "corporate gay america"; going to the first anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death vigil; comment letters on past zines.
Email: alienpeapod@yahoo.com
$1 to Andre, PMB 910, 1122 E. Pike , Seattle WA 98122
32 pages, digest

Vampire's Minion
Issue 15
+ Vampire prose, poetry, and art. There is a huge ammount of material here, of intricate complexity. Enter into an elegant world of immortal beings.
$4/$8 overseas to Vampire's Minion, 2104 24th St, Gulfport MS 39501-4657
64 pages, standard

The Volcano: a subversive dyke reader
Issue 4
Moving back to the midwest and getting told not to kiss your girlfriend in a bar; armpit shaving; a piece about a conversation with a vegan; a diary of the Michigan Women's Music Festival as a worker; Volcano manifesto; dyke ass crack photos; review of the Drag King Book.
Email: thevolcano@chickmail.com
$2 to 3 Firey Ho(l)es, PO Box 682, Madison WI 53701-0682
24 pages, half legal

when it's all said and done, I've got plans for you
Issue 2
+ 12 people respond to a request for interpretations of the title phrase with work in a variety of forms - photos with comments, drawings, collage, and more.
2 stamps to max weinberg, 157 newel st #2, brooklyn ny 11222
24 pages, digest

Wussy Boy Chronicles: Caught somewhere between GUY and GAY.
Issue 1-2
+ It's a zine about growing up something like the character Duckie in Pretty in Pink. Not gay, but not the stereotypical macho guy. There's examination of pop-culture wussy boys of film, like Matthew Broderick, and the early films of Anthony Michael Hall before he "metamorphosed into the Cock Man Oppressor in 'Edward Scissorhands.'" There's lots of writing in these thick zines (80 digest-sized pages in issue 1, 60 in issue 2), mostly prose, with some poetry. Some of the prose is about poetry, or at least going to poetry slams.
Email: poetryslam@hotmail.com
$5 to Wussy Boy Chronicles, PO Box 1467, Chico CA 95927-1467
80 pages, digest

You're a Star at MECCA
+ A collection of writing from the open mike reading series at the San Francisco branch of A Different Light.
email: mecca44@aol.com

You're Not Normal
Issue 11
Massive collection of bands interviews and political information. There is especially a lot of information about the prison industrial complex. Also available is a compilation zine called "Fuck you I'm queer." It had band interviews, lyrics about homosexuality from bands, plus reprints of various articles about queers.
SO. Chi ASBC Zine Distro, PO Box 721, Homewood IL 60430
52 pages, standard

You Say Tomato
Issue 1-2
+ A zine from a self-described "immigrant dyke" who grew up in the north of England and spent two years in Spain. The writing is diaristic, with notes from a trip to Europe (including comments on British TV, the Anne Frank House, and Van Gough); Matthew Shepard; in-depth and insightful reviews of European films, particularly from Spain. Issue 2 has responses from various people to a survey about television.
Email: yousaytomato@hotmail.com
$1 to You Say Tomato, PMB #315 4756 U Vill Pl NE, Seattle WA 98105
32 pages, digest