Queer Music Reviews from QZE #19

These are CD and tape reviews that appeared in Queer Zine Explosion #19, published in June 2001. All reviews by Larry-bob.

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For ease of use, I have put all the new reviews in this file. For older reviews, see Queer Music Explosion, Music reviews from QZE 16, Music reviews from QZE 17, and Music reviews from QZE 18.

Arthur Loves Plastic: Fixed Star CD (www.arthurlovesplastic.com)

Bitch and Animal: Whatıs that smell CD: (www.bitchandanimal.com)

Bitch Nation compilation tape. (Po Box 55 Stn E, To On Canada M6H 4E1)

The Butchies: 3 CD (www.mrlady.com)

Calling All Kings and Queens compilation (Mr. Lady)

D/DC: not that de/EP: queer male hiphop group. (www.deep-dickollective.com)

David Del Tredici: Secret Music CD. Features vocals by Hila Plitmann, Chris Pedro Trakas, and John Kelly. (www.composersrecordings.com)

Dirty Barby: Sleep When Iım Dead CD. Œ (www.dirtybarby.com)

Sue P. Fox: Light Matches, Spark Lives CD (www .killrockstars.com)

Skott Freedman: Anything worth mentioning CD. (www.skottfreedman.com)

Barry Ingle: Monastery CD (www.barryingle.com)

Juba Kalamka: Pre/Tensions Solo CD from member of queer hip-hop group D/DC (www.contentconduit.com)

Juha: Orange CD ep. http://www.juhamusic.com/

Kiki and Herb: Do you hear what we hear? CD (www.kikiandherb.com)

Le Tigre: From the Desk of Mr. Lady EP (www.mrlady.com)

Lords of Lightspeed tape: New band, ex-Behead the Prophet.(may be pre-release, try K Records)

Magic 12: dear diary CD (magic_12@altavista.com)

Paul Manchin: natural CD. (www.bgroupmusic.com)

Henry Muldrow: A Symphony of Sorrow CD. Original songs with texts by Oscar Wilde sung by mezzo Cecile van de Sant (email: henry.muldrow@888.nu)

Perversos 7²: One song each by The Haggard, Limp Wrist, She-Devils, and Islam (Sebodiscos@hotmail.com)

Phiiliip: Pet Cancer (American Patchwork, www.darlashop.com) -- video at http://www.teknotikon.net

Joshua Plague: A Few Things First & Some Days You Wish You Never Work Up tapes: Spoken word from former Behead the Prophet singer. (mailorder from K Records: http://krecanddist.safeshopper.com/29/cat29.htm?573)

Ploughound:schwank CD (www.upspiral.com/ploughound)

The Prescriptions: why we donıt rent to women CD (www.kyd.net/jfr)

The Pre-Teens: Why Don't You Marry It CD (http://www.cheetahsrecords.com/pre_teens.html)

Raunchy Reckless & The Amazons: Out for Ambrosia CD. (www.io.com/~raunchy/)

Sherman Electric se CD (www.shermanelectric.net)

Sister Spitıs Ramblinı Road Show Greatest Spits (www.mrlady.com)

Spink: Freep (www.thinkspink.com)

Ssion: Fucked Into Oblivion tape (ssion77@hotmail.com)

Star Death: The Sweetness Killers CD (PO Box 63202, St. Louis, MO 63163) thestardeath.com

Subtonix 7": (No Love, PO Box 426828, SF CA 94142-6828)

Three Dollar Bill: Insurrection CD (www.threedollar.net)

Ultra-red: an otobiography CD. Inspired by transsexual fire captain Michele Kämmerer. (www.comatonse.com/ultrared)