Queer Zine Explosion 19

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This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #19, compiled in June 2001. This includes new zines since QZE #18, which was published in June 2000.

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Here are some Corrections to QZE 19. If you have the paper edition of QZE, check here for the corrections.

The paper version of QZE also has books received and music received and a zine primer and a list of Non-queer-specific zine resources which can be found by following those links.

Zines with a "+" at the beginning of the description are ones that are reviewed for the first time in this Queer Zine Explosion.

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Queer Zine Explosion

Abrasive Agents
+ Queer male zine with artistic layouts and computer collages. The "clean" issue, though there's plenty of nudity and a page on "dirty boys."
$4 to Abrasive Agents, 208 17th Ave, Seattle WA 98122
36 pages, digest

Alabama Grrrl
Issue 8
+ Temp work; a trust fund activist remembers highschool; period cramping; Harry Belefonte, Mumia Supporters, and Fred Phelps; Where are the radical queers and feminists; hell breaks loose in Rainbow House co-op; Food Not Bombs R.I.P.; zine reviews.
Web Page: ailecia.tripod.com
Email: ailecia@hotmail.com
$2 to ailecia, PO Box 297, Lawrence KS 66044

All I want to write is this
+ When a zine starts out with Jack Smith's quote "Could art ever be useful?" I know I've found a kindred spirit. Piece on a bad early sex experience; a surreal prose piece on Baron Scrofulous; "The one time I did scat"; waiting to find out if your mother has breast cancer; "Fuck for the Revolution: Pornography"; diary extracts. Plus mini-zine "Gagging for it? Queer Sex and Class war" with "Kill Queer Cops" on the back cover.
Email: jesuspaghetti@yahoo.com
All I want to write is this, PO Box 7115, Karingal Centre VIC 3199 Austrialia
36 pages, digest

Art Students Stole My Vibrator
+ While taking art classes, Rachael's vibrator is stolen.
Email: redhankypanky@btinternet.com
25p to Rachael House, 7 St. Clements Yard, Archdale Road, London SE22 9HP UK
12 pages, digest

The Bamboo Clan's Guide to Better Living Thru Drag
+ Zine by an Asian-Americna drag king troupe from Seattle. Essays, photos, comics, and drag tips.
Email: bambooclan@hotmail.com
$2 to
44 pages, digest

Bang Bang
There is a new issue of this French-language Anarcho-fairie zine Bang Bang. Includes information on La Croiseiére, a gathering of queer men.
Email: bangbang1969@hotmail.com

Batteries Not Included
vol 8 #5
Publication about porn. No pictures, just articles. Article on Yahoo's adult policies; more of Lisa Falour's memoirs of sex work; porn reviews and more.
Email: bni@aol.com
$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman, 513 North Central Ave, Fairborn OH 45324
12 pages, standard

Issue 1
+ Memories of grade school sex ed and first time masturbating; being a gay parent; finding out about having congenital spinal defects; getting introduced to pot smoking. Nicely produced, not your usual sloppy mini.
Web Page: www.berzerker.net
Email: durwood@berzerker.net
$2 to Berzerker, PO Box 2181, Issaquah WA 98027-0098
40 pages, Mini

Boy Trouble
Issue 4
Queer guy comix anthology. Comic with text by D. Travers Scott drawn by Rob Kirby; comix by Tony Arena, C. Bard Cole, Michael Fahy, Andy Hartzell, Jean-Paul Jennequin, Rob Kirby, Nick Leonard, Sina, and Russ Turk.
Email: boytrouble@springmail.com
$5 to David Kelly, 1122 E. Pike St. #992, Seattle WA 98122
44 pages, half legal

connect the dots
+ "a zine for people who both challenge and are alientated by the status quo."
Email: miriamjones79@hotmail.com
$2 to Miriam Jones, 13981 Reading Ferry Road, Princess Anne MD 21853
40 pages, digest

Creamy Goodness
Issue 1
+ Zine about dairy products from Max Airborn who used to be part of the group that put together Fat Girl zine. Includes a queer sex story in which a woman ends up eating another woman's grilled cheese sandwich.
Web Page: www.lustydevil.com
Email: creamy@lustydevil.com
$3 or writing to Max Airborne, 2215-R Market St. PBM 193, San Francisco CA 94114
24 pages, digest

+ Zine considering the topic of death, touching on the deaths of family members and loved ones.
Email: beefergrrl@hotmail.com
Web: Charlottecooper.net
donation/swap to Charlotte Cooper, 33 Romford Road, London E15 4LY UK
2 pages, oversized

Dirty Hands
Issue 4
+ Queer Homeless Youth Issue. Put together by youth at LYRIC in San Francisco. Getting rid of raver scabies; how to get hooked; shooting safely;
Lyric, 123 Collingwood St., San Francisco CA 94114
52 pages, digest

Issue 30
Poetry, the Syrian goddess of Hierapolis, diaries and dreams, and "on being a wiccan in prison."
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Village/6982/
Email: dwanzine@hotmail.com
$2/free to prisoners to Donny Smith, Box 411, Swarthmore PA 19081-0411
44 pages, digest
Free to prisoners.

Issue 21
Haiku for keanu, working on a film project "13 boys" inspired by Warhol's films, story about a faerie gathering, journal entries about guys Reb's been with, comics by Rob Kirby and Sina and David Kelly, nude photots of guys.
Web Page: http://fanorama.tk
Email: fanorama1@aol.com
$5 to c/o REB, 109 Arnold Avenue, Cranston RI 02905
36 pages, standard
Free to prisoners.

The Fat Kid's Life: a primer
+ Good things about being a fat transguy; fatphobia; compulsive overeating; Little Jimmi comix; "Ya know what I fuckin hate about bein fat?"; fat hotties; and more.
Web Page: www.geocities.com/xeroxrevdistro
Email: xeroxrevdistro@yahoo.com
$2 to
12 pages, digest

The Fevered Sea
+ Big book of writing by Philip Guichard. A narrative punctuated with "poetric distractions."
Email: vsirin38@aol.com
$10 to
100 pages, standard

Fire Ants: the bible of consumerism
+ 26 surreal prose pieces, titled in alphabetical order.
whatever to Sabin Calvert, 210B N. Santa Rita #A, Tucson AZ 85719
28 pages, digest

Flaming Jewboy
Issue 2
Thoughts on queer jews and jewporn; sex story entitled "playground"; more.
Email: jewboy2000@hotmail.com
$3 to Abraham Katzman, Box 20656, Seattle WA 98102
36 pages, half legal

A Girl and her Bike
Issue 7
+ Mini-zine of diaristic writing. First period experience, going to a drag show, and more. Color cover art.
Angie, PO Box 2425, Winnipeg MB R3C 4A7 Canada
48 pages, Mini

Issue 14
Lana Turner revelations; a trip to Milan, including meeting Anna Piaggi and a visit to a tranny bar; the wit and wisdom of Malibu Stacy; people and items who frequently appear in Mona's scrapbooks (even the embarassing ones); Nancy Sinatra; a manifesto about drag; a news clipping about students backing a kid suspended for wearing dresses.
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/3355/
Email: mona@thebeefer.demon.co.uk
$1 to Mona, 33 Romford Rd, Stratford, London E15 4LY UK
2 pages, Irregular

Golog: rebel nobad
Issue 1
+ Jeff writes about meeting his other half, Billy; Billy (the Sugar Witch) on the making of a faerie; poetry, collage, and more. I can't really summarize too well, but you should check out if you have an interest in queer gutter punk or hardcore music.
Web Page: community.webtv.net/golog/gologrebelnomad
Email: golog@webtv.net
$3 to Jeff Junker/Billy Waggoner, 72 Sarah Ln, Middletown NY 10941

Grrrls with Guitars
Issue 2
Profiles of two local guitarists; interview with Messy; interview with Tribe 8; Cd, book, video & magazine reviews.
Email: dykeotomy36@hotmail.com
$2 to Kelly, 12 Bater Ave Apt 104, Toronto Ont M4K 2C3 Canada
40 pages, half legal

Haggard lyric sheet
+ Picked up at one of their gigs, spring 2001.
Haggard lyric sheet, po Box 40821, Portland OR 97240

The Hairaffair Inc.
+ Silly pop culture collage. Tammy Faye, Linda Tripp, best and worst fashion moments and more.
Jimmy, Reed College Box 707, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland OR 97202
20 pages, digest

HARP: a zine about race and irish american queer identity.
Issue 1
+ This zine works through the issues raised in the subtitle. Interesting stuff, including old caricatures of Irish people as subhuman.
Email: teeglee@hotmail.com
$2 to Tierney B. Gleason, PO Box 230913, Boston MA 02123-0913 [Address good only until Sept 15, 2001]
32 pages, half legal

Big book of amusing queer horror comics. This includes material reprinted from earlier zine versions. Nice mix of humor and horror in an EC comics vein, and great art. Full color cover and two interior pages.
Web Page: www.homoeroticon.com
$20 to Bobby Tran Dale, 2539 Potomac St., Oakland CA 94602
120 pages, standard

Iron Femme: Musings from an insurgent femme
Issue 1
+ Dolly Parton rules ok; my androgynous past; The Iron Femme Program; "Bleached hair, ethnicity, and other freak-outs" -- bleaching blonde and Irish-American identity; "I just cannot find a decent butch."
Email: teeglee@hotmail.com
$2 to Tierney B. Gleason, PO Box 230913, Boston MA 02123-0913 [Address good only until Sept 15, 2001]
32 pages, half legal

Ladies Only (and a few invited fags)
+ "I need a lesbian bitch with a golden heart"; collages with lyrics from queer girl bands.
Email: veruskaoutlaw [at] yahoo.it

24 pages, Mini

Mirage #4/PERIOD[ICAL]
Issue 95 - April 2001
This poetry and prose magazine is edited by Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy. Pierre et Gilles autograph on the cover, D-L Alvarez, Sherry Brennan, Trane DeVore, Brenda Hillman.
$3 to Killian/Bellamy, 1020 Minna St, SF CA 94103
18 pages, standard

Mohawk Beaver
Issue 9
"During a time of Backlash": interview with first generation feminist Kirsten Chirstiansen; photos; love letters; stills from Girl O'Gram film; poetry; dealing with domestic violence; experiences of sexism and discrimination; emails from various people. Highly recommended.
Web Page: http://www.freespeech.org/mohawkbeaver/
Email: mohawkbeaver@hotmail.com
$3/£2.5/Dkkr25/7 Dm to Mohawk Beaver, Poste Restante Nørrebro Postkontor, Copenhagen N DK-2200 Denmark
36 pages, digest

Issue 4
Review of the books Warboy and The Teenage Liberation Handbook; Gender Blender Drinks; frotting with a guy on the train; David Bowie; a piece on Ssion;
Web Page: http://www.mutatezine.com
Email: miloboy@execpc.com
free to Mutate, 500 Fillmore #402, SF CA 94117
24 pages, half standard

Nappy Bush
+ Interview with drag king Dred; people who wear glasses - Audre Lorde, Emma Goldman, Angela Davis, and so on; review of Emanuel Xavier's Christ-Like; DJ Kuttin' Kandi of 5th Platoon and all female crew Anomolies; street harassment; a job at a women owned sex toy store still has problems; seeing Joan Jett in central park; piece that starts "It is annoying when women of color utilize sexual sterotypes to degrade one another. Excellent publication.
Email: nb11221@yahoo.com
Dionne H., 210 Palmetto St., Brooklyn NY 11221

Noise Queen
Issue 23
Story by Arne about Ogres; "William S. Burroughs, edited and assembled with a libellous, mean-spirited touch"; politicians banned from Queen's Park; book and CD reviews; 10 records to rescue from a burning building.
Web Page: www.noisequeen.com
Email: noise_queen@hotmail.com
$2 to Tim Murphy, PO Box 28010, Bagot Postal Outlet, Kingston Ont K7K 1A0 Canada
28 pages, standard

Odd Ones Out
Issue 1
+ Interviews with band J-Majesty, Ryan of Best Revenge, The Mooney Suzuki; homophobia stinks; challenges to the gender system; what does queer mean; dedication to a friend who almost committed suicide.
Email: oddonesout@hotmail.com
$1/trade to Eric Hernandez, 7608 Bright Ave Apt F., Whittier CA 90602
24 pages, digest

People Under No King
Issue 8
Huge photo-zine with pictures of mostly Bay Area bands, many taken at Gilman St. Includes band interviews including one with the Subtonix. Plus record reviews.
$3 to People Under No King, 456 Castro St., SF CA 94114
132 pages, legal

Issue 1
+ Sick faggot jokes, the devil in dreams, remembering being molested and fed a pot brownie by an uncle, reviews of records and Bruce La Bruce's Skin Gang.
Email: yowza_boy@hotmail.com
$4 to Polari, P.O. Box 20413, Seattle WA 98102
36 pages, standard

+ Italian grrrl-distribution. No-profit distro for female/anarcha-feminist/queer/anti-sexist DIY stuff. She will be putting out a 2nd 7" by the Subtonix. DO NOT WRITE "Porcamadonna" on the envelope.
Email: madonnina@yahoo.com
giulia vallicelli, c.p. 17033, 00189 roma grottarossa, italy

Issue 3
Sex trade worker; my life as a gender blender; interview with a former non-drinker; fag at the punk bar; auto-fellatio color xerox put-together paper car; one day in the life of rufus stoner comix; bites from a bad boy bartender; free porn on the internet.
Email: rufusposer@hotmail.com
$2 or trade to Poser, PO Box 1457, Bentall Centre, Vancouver BC V6C 2P7 Canada
36 pages, standard

Puberty Strike presents: Psycho #1 Fan
+ 5 trashiest girls in USA; Donny Osmond, New Edition, etc; going homo; zit-a-delic diary entries.
Email: sodapopseth@hotmail.com
$2 to Puberty Strike presents, PO Box 12125, Berkeley CA 94712
28 pages, standard

Push: a publication by and for queer women
v1 #3, Summer 2000
+ Essays, poems, visual arts and columns
Email: push@technodyke.com
free/donation to c/o Dyke Action, 122 E. Pike St. #425, Seattle WA 98122
40 pages, standard

put the "Yo" back into grass roots
Issue 8
Lots of writing by Andre of The Urban Hermit. Slam-style pieces including one wondering what sort of lover Tracy Chapman had.
Email: alienpeapod@yahoo.com
$1 to Andre, PMB 910, 1122 E. Pike , Seattle WA 98122
32 pages, digest

Queer Panic Newsletter
June 2000
+ Souvenier newsletter from queer culture gathering in Seattle in June 2000. Ageism and gays, what is Queer Panic, rant about boring gays.
Email: gordon2@operamail.com
free/postage to Queer Panic Newsletter, PO Box 20204, Seattle WA 98102

RFD: A Country Journal For Queer Folk
Issue 105
Photography and fiction issue. Plenty of info on Radical faerie stuff. Includes prisoner penpal letters.
Web Page: www.rfdmag.org
Email: mail@rfdmag.org
$7.75 to RFD, Box 68, Liberty TN 37095
76 pages, standard

Ring of Fire
Issue 3
"This zine promotes queer sex, genderfuck, and the advancement of amutees everywhere." Talking with other amputees; the bathtub as masturbation tool; crips and class; similarities between disability and transgendered stuff in regard to class; why I am genderfucked; a day at the prosthetist's office; people's ignorance of drag kings vs. drag queens; teenage forever; comic by Nomy Lamm about breaking her fake leg; crips on film; Hellery comments on the connection she feels with Frida Kahlo, who was also injured by a train; much more.
$2 to Hellery Homosex, PO Box 23036, Seattle WA 98102-0336
92 pages, digest

Satan Heartbreaker Tarts It Up
+ Drawings by Satan Heartbreaker. Comix in which foxes give bathroom blowjobs; drunk comix; monkeys monkeying around; and more.
Email: gun_no1@hotmail.com
Satan Heartbreaker Tarts It Up, 206 Capp St., San Francisco CA 94110
24 pages, digest

Schaden Freude
Issue 1
+ A straight girl and her tranny boy, friends on heroin, and "I was a teenage sex addict."
Web Page: www.geocities.com/xeroxrevdistro
Email: xeroxrevdistro@yahoo.com
$1 to
16 pages, digest

Issue 2
+ Zine produced by a collective of queer anarcho punk girls in Sidney. They've also put out a compilation CD. Girlz guide to guitar; handy hints for baby dykes; Ani DeFranco; local dyke sci-fi TV show script; interview with Nomy Lamm; interview with Lynee of Tribe 8; girl punk bands in Singapore and Malaysia - authors of article can be contacted at grrrlrebel@mailcity.com; dealing with sexual attackers; interview with Malaysian grrrl band Quiet Rot; Toys in Babeland interview.
Web Page: www.scooter.org.au
Email: scootstar@yahoo.com
$1 to Scooter, 73 Kingston Rd, Newton NSW 2042 Australia
64 pages, digest

Issue 7
Corin Tucker, Martin Sorrondeguy of Los Crudos/Limp Wrist, Robert Lopez (The Zeros/El Vez), Molly Neuman (Bratmobile/Peechees), Luis Illades (Pansy Division), people blaming the victim, east coast trip, collage on gay looksism.
Email: scutterzine@aol.com
$2/trade to Rudy, PO Box 3247, Alhambra CA 91803
20 pages, standard

Shove It!: A Comprehensive Guide to Valet Parking
#1, June 2001
By Clarence (with illustrations by Sarah Brown. A queer/political perspective on valet parking as career in Seattle, WA. Learn about the Rules & Regulations, tippping, deep talks with employee dudes, and a look at irresponsible queers.
Email: cwalsh27@earthlink.net
$1 to Claire Walsh, 273-B Lexington St., SF, CA 94110

Skint 2: King Porn
+ Anthology of writing on "queer masculinity" -- drag kings, ftm's butches, boys, Daddies, faggotdykes, etc. Lots of writing and photos.
Surly Productions, 29 Leonard St., Northcote Vic 3070 Australia
80 pages, digest

+ One-off zine about towns with public baths.
Email: beefergrrl@hotmail.com
Web: Charlottecooper.net
donation/swap to Charlotte Cooper, 33 Romford Road, London E15 4LY UK
2 pages, oversized

Speed Demon
Issue 11
Another huge issue of this Italian-language zine. You will want to learn the language. Interview with Peter Moffett, the bearish queer drummer of Burning Airlines; queer Pakistan; review of Low-End Models/Haggard/Tribe 8 show in Rome for Pride 2000; Sissies interview; vintage queer music & movies; interview with a eunuch; Harum-Scarum interview; Turn G&L film fest; interview with Montreal performer artist Pierre Beaudoin; Dirty Barby interview; William S. Burroughs; artist Tommy Kovac; interview with artist Franco Carena; Little Deaths band interview; Globalgroove art duo; reviews and more.
Web Page: www.speeddemon.it
Email: speeddemon@galactica.it
$5 to Speed Demon, Box 44/A, P.ZA San Babila 4/D 20122 Milano Italy
82 pages, standard

Ugli Fruit
Issue 1
+ A collaborative zine between Mark Hain of Boys Who Wear Glasses and Maria Goodman of Carrot, it's a zine about food. A long conversation about food, Indian cookbook author and actress Madhur Jaffrey, olestra chips, bulimia/Anorexia, freaky candy, and more.
Email: mhain@pafa.org
$1 to Ugli Fruit, PO Box 411, Swarthmore PA 19081
64 pages, digest

U.S. Kweer Corps
Issue 1-5
+ Queer punk tranny boy mini-zine.
Web Page: www.geocities.com/xeroxrevdistro
Email: xeroxrevdistro@yahoo.com
$1 for 2 to
8 pages, digest

Welfare Prophets
+ Collection of poetry by San Francisco based slam poet Marcus Rene Van, who also hosts a monthly event in SF, Spoken Elements at El Rio.
Email: vdriver@aol.com
$3? to

Issue 5
+ Italian-language zine with Lunachicks & L7, self-cutting, and more.
Email: reic@libero.it
1000 lira to Reic Cinarelli, via Bini, 4, Rimini 47900 Italy
24 pages, digest

Xerox Revolutionaries catalog
+ Paper zines for queer punks. Zine, patch and mix tape distro.
Web Page: i.1asphost.com/xrdistro
Email: xeroxrevdistro@yahoo.com

12 pages, digest