Queer Music Reviews from QZE #20

These are CD and tape notices that appeared in Queer Zine Explosion #20, published in August 2003. All reviews by Larry-bob.

Remember, buy your books and CDs from local independent stores, not evil corporate chains or on-line mega-stores (the discount is equal to the postage at Amazon.com--so go to your local bookstore--you might actually meet someone.) Local stores can do special orders and get your books for you in days. Also request your local public library purchase books and CDs you like.

For ease of use, I have put all the new reviews in this file. For older reviews, see Queer Music Explosion, Music reviews from QZE 16, Music reviews from QZE 17, and Music reviews from QZE 18, and Music received from QZE 19.

Arthur Loves Plastic: Nadir CD: http://www.arthurlovesplastic.com

Die Bitch tape: By Veruska of Clit Rocket zine. email clitrocket {A} hotmail.com

Drew Blood: Blood Work CD: Spoken word by the late poet. http://www.myokom.com

The Hidden Cameras http://www.musicismyboyfriend.com/

Houston Bernard CD: http://www.houstonbernard.com/

Joe's Outing CD: http://www.myokom.com

Nomy Lamm: Effigy CD: http://www.nomylamm.com

Paul Manchin: Buzz vol 2 CD: http://www.freewebz.com/paulmanchin

Pansy Division: Total Entertainment! CD (Alternative Tentacles) http://www.pansydivision.com

Rose Turtle Ertler's "Ping Pong Princess" CD: http://www.scootstar.org

Sanctuary Studios CD: Joshua (ex-Behead the Prophet) project lefsewagon {A} hotmail.com