Queer Zine Explosion 18 Corrections

There's a lot of information in QZE, and I make mistakes. Here's some corrections to QZE 18. These corrections have been made in the electronic version, but just so you know, here's what they are.

New snail mail for Faggo: #104 -1314 Broughton St, vancouver, BC V6G 2B7 Canada

Spoonfed:Amerika has a new website: http://www.spoonfedamerika.com
There is no current snailmail address for Spoonfed:Amerika.

Heartcore Records has a new URL: it's HeartCoreRecords.Net

Email for Bite Size (the zine not the band) and Milky: milkyboy@earthlink.net

The zine Make has moved to craig, pobox #321855, fort washington po, new york, ny 10032. They have a web page: www.makezine.org

For You're a Star at Mecca, contact mecca44@aol.com

The PO Box for Greenhorn copics, Yep! Yep! Yep!, and Let Me Feel Your Finger First is closed. All orders must go through the website www.letmefeelyourfingerfirst.com

Batteries Not Included has moved to 513 North Central Ave, Fairborn OH 45324