Rants Thus Far

A prerequisite to reading some of these rants is reading Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal.

Larry-bob's Generic Queer Homepage Introduction (7/2/96)

4/22/2007: Are you a boring mainstream homo? - take the quiz and find out.
12/31/2004: The Skinny Scene - a vision of an alternate universe gay subculture.
12/1/2003: Fatso Magazine: Article about an obscure gay publication from 1970.
11/16/2003: Trendy Stuff: Here are some hip new trends for you to glom onto.
2/19/2003: Anti-war Contingents: Some of the more unusual contingients you might have missed in San Francisco's peace marches.
4/8/2002: Evangelism: taking a cue from the Christians about spreading the Word.
6/11/2001: I feel like I owe you an explanation: Why it's been a while since I've published an issue of my zine.
1/22/2001: Holytitclamps.com goes down the tubes: another victim of the dot com collapse.
10/3/2000: Politics, As Usual: Larry-bob's take on the upcoming election in San Francisco.
9/12/2000: Stalking Myself: trying to get close to Larry-bob.
8/18/2000: Masculine Men: what's so great about being manly, anyway?
7/26/2000: Your Sexual Resume -- the key to finding a new position.
4/15/2000: The Gay Gadgets Catalog, another formulaic excercise in commercial parody.
3/23/2000: It's not easy being an arrogant know-it-all: it's lonely at the top of the music-trivia mountain.
1/1/2000: The 20th Century: still in its sway.
12/23/99: How many forms of identification do you have?: show me your homo I.D.
11/28/99: Larry-bob's stats!: I am not a number, I am a man, a free man!
11/18/99: Why should the straights get all the good music?: a plea for queer music with decent influences.
10/25/99: Candle-ends: some odds and ends of ideas.
10/16/99: First Taste of Cyber: the dilemma of teaching others to find sexual content on-line.
9/27/99: Imperial Rainbow: a fable about gay commercialism.
9/19/99: How to be a good audience: a guide to spectator etiquette.
8/30/99: Other People's Kinks: Freaks are funny, so long as nobody's laughing at you.
8/23/99: Animal Totems: creature icons for the gay community.
8/15/99: Local Talent: supporting local culture, rejecting commercial chains.
8/8/99: Coming Out as Rite of Passage: our coming of age ritual.
2/15/99: Viatical Vampires: companies that profit from death.
1/11/99: Modern Divas: a field guide to the fans of female vocalists.
11/13/98: No Rant Today: I just don't have anything to be upset about.
9/9/98: E-Zine Clichés: pitfalls of electronic communication.
8/13/98: Films I want to see: some rarely screened underground classics.
7/2/98: What's so Free about Gay Freedom?: why must we pay to be gay?
4/25/98: How to raise your child to be gay: the path to the disco starts in the cradle.
3/12/98: Gay Draft Notice: Your call to active duty as a gay. (See also this response.)
2/24/98: The Peanut Butter Rant: Who wants shortening in their sandwich?
1/13/98: The Mess Manifesto: Neatness doesn't count.
12/19/97: Larry-bob's Crass Gay Boutique: Holiday gift-giving ideas for the families of homosexuals.
12/6/97: Alimony for Kids: Parents shouldn't be able to disown their children. (now with some legal info.)
11/3/97: Gay Science Fiction: Larry-bob ruminates on one of the forces that shaped him.
10/3/97: Who Wields Gay Power?: questioning who we entrust with representing us.
7/30/97: Is anyone really a leather fetishist?: why do they call it the leather community, anyway?
6/27/97: Larry-bob's guide to finding a man: it's easier than you think.
5/24/97: Straight Bands, Gay Songs: Het musicians write songs about homos.
5/2/97: Godly Sodomites: God hates fags, so why do fags love God?
3/23/97: Fags Against Facial Hair: Carrying on Keith Haring's pioneering activism.
2/3/97: Gay Rock History: Digging our heroes out of the record bins.
1/27/97: As Yet Unreclaimed: Tired of "queer"? Try these new terms on for size.
12/2/96: A Bruce Bawer Bibliography: the writings of our favorite gay neo-conservative.
11/27/96: Cockettes in the Archives: Larry-bob vists a gay archive.
10/22/96: Happy Trollday to Me: Larry-bob turns 30.
10/14/96: Virtual Gay Ghetto: Gay cyberspace is rather mediocre.
9/30/96: Christcore and Queercore: a comparison of two marginal rock genres.
9/16/96: You're not really gay unless you're tweaking: Drugs, drugs, drugs.
9/9/96: Cloning Queercore: How queercore can achieve mainstream success.
9/3/96: Virtual Sleaze: Cyberspace is putting the raincoat brigade out of business.
8/26/96: Misogynist Gay Men: Being gay is about hating women, not loving men.
8/12/96: The Larry-bob Lifestyle Catalog: buy this stuff and be gay!
8/5/96: Out A Republican, Gain a Role Model: an exploration of the consequences of outing.
7/29/96: If You Could Take a Pill...: Larry-bob asks the old question, with a new twist.
7/22/96: Preserving Gay Culture: Larry-bob gives a new interpretation of shopping.
7/15/96: Coming Out Boring: a rant about coming out manuals that teach kids to be mainstream gays.


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